The Holidays, Unplugged

The Holidays, Unplugged

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of lights twinkling on my Christmas tree! If I had it my way, our house would be the Griswold House, 2.0. Lucky for Shane, and perhaps our neighbors, electricity costs an arm and a leg here and we’re in the middle of nowhere. No Christmas light display on our home’s exterior. [Insert Allison sad face] But, I digress.

My Facebook friends already know this, but I’m taking a social media break, my holidays “unplugged,” if you will. It’s kind of an early New Years resolution kickstart. I found myself forming bad habits ignoring my children, to be perfectly honest, in favor of scrolling my newsfeed. Since I recognize my weakness, why wait for the new year to make changes?

I’m taking the time to be more intentional with my family and friends and the time I spend with them. I want to make some holiday memories instead of reading about what others are doing. I like hearing “Mom this is fun!” instead of “Moooom, put down your phone!” I realize that my presence, fully in the moment, is the best gift I can give my children and the rest of my family. I’m looking people in the eye when we converse. I’m getting down on the floor and really enjoying playtime with Tristan and Rosie. Shoot! I’ve even been more productive around the house, actually tackling projects that have been stacking up on my to-do list.

Thanksgiving was so enjoyable since I wasn’t worried about taking and sharing the perfect photos or seeing what everyone else was doing. I was able to be truly present with the people by my side – and engage in some hilarious rounds of Cards Against Humanity!

Naturally, as soon as I take a break, something post-worthy happens. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Rosie took her first steps!!! It took her a little over a week to gain her confidence. The last couple days she’s really taken off walking everywhere she can. I was finally able to get some video of her adorable baby steps. Every time I tried to get it on video she would stop and start crawling again. This is the best I could do. My baby is getting so big!

In other happenings, last week we paid a visit to Santa at the ╩╗Imiloa Astronomy Center‘s holiday party. After dinner we decorated cookies while sipping hot chocolate then went to see the big man. Rosie was reaching out to him while in line but freaked once she got close. Tristan confidently sat on his lap and discussed the new Star Wars movie. Of course he asked Santa for “the red light saber with the side blades.”

After that we got our family picture on the moon! Tristan and I then made shrinky-dink ornaments before calling it a night. As sugared up as they were, we didn’t think the kids would make it through the Christmas star film showing that night.

Imiloa Moon Picture
I hope to be back soon with a post about the swing set. We started assembly over the weekend and it’s going to be awesome!!!