Rosie’s 1st Birthday

Rosie’s 1st Birthday

I’m a wee bit behind on this post, seeing as today marks Rosie as 13 months old.  If you haven’t heard, I’ve been pretty ill for the past couple weeks with severe pneumonia.  It finally landed me in the ER a few evenings ago, but I’m happy to say that I’m now on the mend.  Of course, Tristan is now fighting pneumonia as well.  It’s been a rough few weeks, for sure.


A month ago, however, we were celebrating our little girl’s first birthday! My mom and dad  arrived on Rose’s actual birthday and we were able to have a mini celebration that night, with her first taste of a cupcake.


We hosted her garden-themed party on the following Saturday at our house.  With a name like Rose, I couldn’t resist.  All in all, it was a simple and sweet DIY party that I seriously could not have pulled off without my mom and dad’s help!

We had tea sandwiches and other pupus (appetizers, for you mainland folks) as well as sweet treats, including Fairy Bites.  Seriously, the fairy bites were my favorite – and addictive.  I strongly recommend checking out the recipe! My mom got fancy and made a watermelon basket for the fruit salad too.


My dad did an amazing job with the floral arrangements! I had picked up an assortment of flowers at the grocery store and my dad mixed them all up in some mason jars that (no joke) we literally dug up from the yard.  We had found them buried when clearing and leveling the mass of weeds in front of the driveway.  A little washing and drying and they cleaned up perfectly.  I loved my dad’s arrangements so much, I skipped the ribbon I had planned to tie around the jars.  I really wish I had a good picture of the flowers.  I loved putting the jars all throughout my house after the party and enjoying the flowers in several rooms!


Other decorations consisted of bakers twine strung up by the food tables with a picture of Rosie for each month clothes-pinned to the twine.  We also loaded a digital frame with many, many more pictures of her throughout the year.

Favors consisted of “Thanks A Bunch” wildflower seed packets I ordered from American Meadows.  They were so cute and easy to slip into thank you notes for the folks that weren’t able to make it to the party.


We (me and my parents) even DIY-ed a “1” piñata for the party.  My dad is a whiz with cardboard construction and my mom helped me with the ombre tissue paper.  We made it as a pull-string piñata, which I figured was more age-appropriate and less dangerous for our little guests.  Every kid grabs a string and we all pull at the same time.  All but 1 or 2 strings just slip through a slit in the bottom of the piñata while the “winning” strings (I had 2) pull open a flap on the bottom and let the treats out – in our case fruit snacks and Annie’s cookies and crackers.  GIF courtesy of our friend Sean.


After that, there was of course cake!


Rosie was not shy about digging in and enjoyed everyone singing to her.  Again, GIF courtesy of Sean.


Other memorable moments included Rosie dancing to her favorite song, “Shut up and Dance with Me” by Walk the Moon.  That girl loves a party!


We have been so blessed with her addition to our family over the past year 13 months.  I can’t imagine our family any other way.  We love you Rose Pomaikai!