Christmas Week Begins! 

I’ve been at a training on Oahu for the last week and feel like I hit “pause” on Christmas. I’m so excited to get back home and have some Christmasy activities this week with my two kids! I think there is some fudge and cookie baking in our future!

I am obsessed with Christmas and it is my favorite holiday. I present evidence I am a Christmas nut:


(Sadly I did not purchase that hat). 

We decorated the tree a few days before Thanksgiving. I’m usually strict about decorating the day after, but Shane was off work and I knew I was going to be gone for a week. I didn’t want to miss out on the decorations for a whole week, so I did it early! 


More evidence I’m a little nuts about the holiday:


Once the tree was up and decorated I was able to get pictures of the kids!!! It’s a little bit of a lean year for us financially, so we only sent 9 cards. (Thank you coupon code for 10 free cards, Shutterfly). Don’t think we forgot you if you don’t receive a card. They pretty much only went to grandparents. 

I used these two photos on the cards we made. 

 It was so fun because both Tristan and Rose are wearing clothes that belonged to me and my brother. My mom actually sewed Rosie’s romper for me on my first Christmas. How fun it is to have my daughter wear it for hers! 

We’ll be kicking off our week with the Sunday School Christmas program tomorrow morning at church. This year it will be a family affair. Rosie, myself and Shane will be playing Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Tristan will be a sheep again. This always makes me think of the Charlie Brown Christmas specials. Haha!
Besides the baking there will be lots of Christmas music and maybe some paper-snowflake-making. What will you be up to this week?


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