A DIY Halloween

I’ll share a quick “What we did for Halloween” post before the internets and society-at-large are completely consumed by all things Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my absolute favorite, but things that last only a limited time are a lot more special than holidays that are dragged out forever in the name of consumerism, in my opinion.

The Halloween costumes had been more or less decided since February or so. Since Tristan was Yoda for his first Halloween, I allowed Shane to talk me into another Star Wars theme costume. 

Tristan’s 1st Halloween as Yoda

Tristan made a very convincing Luke Skywalker this year. 

Tristan as Luke Skywalker

I DIYed his entire costume. I started off with a pair of $6 khakis from Target that he can both wear again and grow into (they’re a bit big). I then took one of Shane’s old shirts, cut it and sewed the neck line so it fit Tristan a little better and mimicked Luke’s tunic. I cinched the shirt with one of my belts – wrapped twice – around his waist.  
I grabbed a couple ace bandages (idea credit goes to somewhere on Pinterest, not my original idea) and wrapped them around his rain boots and legs. We already had the lightsaber which Tristan got for Christmas last year. The orange thing in his belt is a toy screwdriver he insisted was his green lightsaber for later. Kid loves Star Wars. 

Rosie’s 1st Halloween

Naturally, Rosie was Princess Leia to Tristan’s Luke Skywalker. We requested the Leia bun hat from Shane’s mom who had crocheted the Yoda hat after Tristan was born. 

I originally was going to sew her a dress from a pattern I found on Etsy months ago, but I struggled to find the motivation. I personally have a hard time justifying a huge effort and budget on a costume for one night that can’t really be worn again or the kid will out grow quickly. We have a Princess Leia onesie from Fathers Day that I was going to have her wear. I ended up digging out a white onesie and my fabric markers (from my baby shower when pregnant with Tristan, no less) and quickly drew a belt to match Leia’s. I kept the other onesie as back-up, because babies. 

I wasn’t planning on dressing up at all. Shane was excited to be Darth Vader, but unfortunately had to work most of the day and evening. In the end, I decided it was Halloween and I could be Luke and Leia’s father. 😃


Star Wars Family

I just donned a skirt and a flowy black shirt that made me think of Vader’s robe and the voice-changing mask (another Christmas gift from last year). I did have fun with that! I also changed Tristan’s light saber from blue to red when I got stuck carrying it. 

I just took the kids to trunk-or-treat at church. Tristan really didn’t need that much candy and he has the dentist this week (what kind of mean mom am I?) After hitting up all of the cars he just ran around and played with his friends. We then went to McDonalds for dinner before calling it a night. 

A successful Halloween in my book and I only spent $6! 

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2014 – I guess I never posted about Halloween last year. Quick recap: T was Captain America. We trick-or-treated at a friend’s house because it was pouring rain. 


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