Our Long Yard

I’ve been wanting to share our yard with you all for awhile now. I don’t believe I’ve ever really shown our yard or outdoor living spaces other than this one photo from May 2014 when we had gravel delivered for our driveway. 

Not much has changed there, other than Tristan is a year and a half older! There’s also a grassy median in the gravel now, but that’s about it for the driveway. 

I finally grabbed some photos of the rest of the yard the other day while I was mowing the lawn.  We have a 3-acre lot, but the acreage is long and skinny. They call them spaghetti lots here. We’re on agricultural land and could raise animals (we have neighbors with cattle, chickens, roosters, goats and donkeys), plant an orchard, or grow other crops if we wanted. Maybe down the road we’ll plant fruit trees or something. I hear there’s a guy planting a coffee farm elsewhere in our subdivision. 

Our lot was completely scrubbed at one point, sadly taking out many of the native ʻohia lehua trees. We’ve let the back part of our lot just do its thing for now. The “manicured” part around the house provides enough opportunity for yard work. We’re slowly hacking away – it’s a jungle out there! Progress is slow, and the plants (and weeds) grow quickly! 

I wish I had taken more photos before to demonstrate the progress we have made. The previous owners, while rare-palm-varietal afficianados, left us quite a bit of work from the get-go. While I’ve always loved palm trees, and that was one of the things I liked about this property, I have since learned they require a lot of work. I’m constantly having to clean up dead fronds that either need to be cut from the tree or have already fallen. Some of these things are easily 15 feet long! (We have some tall palms!) 

Without further ado, the rest of our yard: 

This is the  view looking down the driveway from where we park. 
Shane’s parking spot looking towards the back of our property on the left side of our house. The mangled area in the foreground by the hibiscus bush is one of our current projects. The previous owners left us a mess of tangled weeds here and since we cut them down and are trying to remove the roots, we have discovered a disturbing amount of discarded items buried in the dirt. 

The same side of the yard looking down towards the driveway. We were planning and starting to build a fire pit here, but have decided to relocate it. 

The yard behind the house. Same weed-garden project and looking toward our water catchment tank. There’s a somewhat smallish banyan tree on the left. It’s cool, but is too close to the house and frankly blocks the view from our dining window upstairs. One of these days we’ll hire someone to take it down. 


 Looking the other way. On the left is the pump house for our water pump and water heater. Further down, our trash and recycling. No curbside pickup here. We have to haul it to the dump ourselves. 

I spy a baby in the pack and play! The yard on the right side of the house.   The grayish area by Tristan’s truck is where the catchment tank used to be. Lucky for us we surveyed the property while still under contract and discovered it was over the property line. Narrow lots, folks! The owner had to move it at her expense. We are now planning on building our fire pit there. 

We are actually working on removing the clothesline (started today, actually) so that we have room to build a swing set in that space. (More on my crazy decision to build a swing set myself in a future post). The plan is to also install a retractable clothesline up on the deck where it will hopefully get more use. To the right is more weed-garden to be dealt with eventually.   

  Here is the front of the house, bordered by more palms and tropical things. That jungle area will be really cool one day when we make paths and stuff. 

 And looking back the other way. That photo-bombing palm in front will probably be removed too. It’s growing at a weird angle to the ground and is in the way. 

We haven’t done much with our outdoor living spaces just yet. We’ve more or less plopped hand-me-down furniture in the space and called it a day. No Pinterest-worthy outdoor room inspiration here folks. As always, I have a ton of ideas and one day I’ll get to executing them. Our house is pretty big and it’s going to take us awhile to be able to furnish and decorate it all the way we want. 

 This is what we call the patio. It could function as a carport and usually does when there’s a tropical storm. Our house’s orientation relative to all the trees just generally isn’t conducive to parking in there on a regular basis.   
It’s a mess, but somewhat less cluttered than usual. Just keeping it real. 


Here is our deck, which runs above the patio. It’s long and narrow and makes me think of a bowling lane sometimes. Lily, one of our cats, lives out here now (why you might spy a litter box). 

The deck runs along our living room, Rosie’s room (with exterior door) and the master bathroom. 

 I haven’t done much out there other than replace the hinges and latch on the stair gate to keep things baby-safe. Next on the list is probably a powerwash!  
Ignore the rug draped over the railing it’s from Rosie’s room and needs to be cleaned. 

And that’s it for our yard and outdoor space! 

Hoping to share a couple crafty projects with you all soon!


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