Nursery Update

Back in January, I shared Rosie’s nursery in this post but I declared it 97% done. [Only] 8 months later, I’m back with an update. 

Rosie has been sleeping in her room now since mid-May, at about 4 months old. I’ve even lowered the crib mattress twice since then!

I finally picked up a chair and ottoman for the room at the beginning of April. Both the chair and ottoman came from Ross on two different shopping trips. 

The chair is a funny shade of blue next to the rug, but I was just happy to finally get a chair. It’s quite comfy too! Now if only the darn cat would quit pretending it’s a scratching post…

From there I was just waiting to get a frame to hang my Gus and Lula apple art print and fill existing frames with photos. In the meantime, I painted and modge-podged the “R” (from the Target craft section) with fabric. The handprint and frame were a baptismal gift from my parents. 
I also just remembered I changed out Rose’s closet knobs again. I forgot to take a photo, but they are these ceramic knobs by Liberty Hardware from Home Depot. The website photo doesn’t do them justice, they are soooo pretty! 

I can now declare the nursery complete. In fact, I believe it is the only complete room in the house. Tristan’s room is close to being done, but I’m still waiting to find a dresser and nightstand. 

I have so many projects I want to get to around here! A few of them involve paint and stain, so I’m waiting for it to not be quite so humid. Naturally, it’s been a banner year for tropical storms in the Pacific (thanks El Niño) and it’s really affecting our weather (bye bye Trade Winds). 

I should have another post coming at you real soon!


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