Summer Updates

I’ve been MIA on this blog for most of the summer despite post ideas galore. With school starting up again (shoot, school has been in session in Hawaii for a month already) and pumpkin-everything season looming, I figured I could update you all on what we’ve been up to. 


Camping at Kiholo Bay

We didn’t take any big trips this summer. Correction: Shane took a big trip and landed himself a 3-night stay in Hilo Medical Center complete with shattered knee. The good news is, we got to spend a lot of extra time with him over the summer months. The bad news is that he only had one weight-bearing leg for over 2 months. Shane has been back at work on light-duty for a few weeks now and is recovering from his injury and subsequent surgery well. He’s building up his strength again with hopes to return to full duty in October. 


Shane’s knee 2 weeks after surgery

In June, I volunteered at our church’s Vacation Bible School. The theme this year was “Camp Discovery.” Both kids and I had a lot of fun! It was an incredibly successful week with about 50 kids attending (around 5x the number we had last summer). Tristan is still singing all the songs he learned. 


Camp Discovery VBS

We also got to spend some unplanned time with Shane’s mom who came to help out after his discharge from the hospital. Shane required A LOT of extra care initially and there’s no way I could’ve managed the two kids and Shane on my own. I am so, so grateful for all of the ʻohana that has helped me wrangle/entertain the kids so that I could care for my hubby too!


Father’s Day

The 4th of July was spent eating lots of delicious food and playing in the pool at an Aunty’s house followed by watching the fireworks over Hilo Bay. Not gonna lie, the fireworks were pretty lame compared to what I’m used to viewing in DC from the Capitol building. It was still fun watching all the keiki twirling their glow sticks and oohing and aahing at the show. 


Driving to the Home Depot Kids Workshop

Later in the month, we took a day trip over to the Kona side for some beach time and to say goodbye to dear friends leaving the island to move back to the mainland. Shane was a good sport hobbling on his crutches and sitting in the 95 degree sun, unable to swim. 


Enjoying the beach at Onekahakaha

For living on an island, I really haven’t been to the beach much at all this summer! Most of our swimming has been in pools. After Shane was cleared to swim we’ve been making weekly trips to an Aunty’s pool for his exercise and to tire out the kids (for the love of God, how do they have so much energy?!) Tristan started swim lessons in July (and just concluded yesterday, actually). He’s done really well at swimming under water. We’re still working on jumping in and on coordinating all the parts for swimming on top of the water. We love his instructor since she makes it so fun for the kids. Rosie actually starts her swim class next week!


Drying in the sun

Speaking of Rosie, she has just been on fire lately, learning all kinds of new skills! Since June, at not quite 5 months, she got her first tooth, started eating solids, and really started sitting up. She learned to crawl in July at 6 months old. She can now clap and is working on waving, pulls herself up to standing and thinks cat food is quite tasty. I even saw her take a couple steps while holding onto the couch today and attempt to jump. This girl is just 7 months old and I already fear she may be as active and energetic as her brother (if not more). Lord help me, she was supposed to be the mellow one! 


Look Mom! I’m standing!

A couple weeks ago we went on a big family camping trip to Kiholo Bay. (Again, Shane was a good sport hobbling on the rocky beach!) Tristan played in the waves with the big kids, explored an ice pond with me and then played in the waves some more. Rosie enjoyed eating dirt. Of course there were smores. The adults had a great time playing Cards Against Humanity. Despite 95 degree temps and next to no breeze, it was a great weekend! 


Just hanging out at Kiholo

The rest of the time has been spent between the library, ʻimiloa Astronomy Center, eating popsicles and playing in the kiddie pool in the yard. It’s been a great summer filled with blessings, even if some of those blessings were disguised at first!



Here’s hoping with Shane on the mend I can start tackling the 101 DIY  projects I have in my head so I can share with you soon!


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