Just Add Baby: Nursery Reveal

Since my last post, we welcomed baby Rose into our family.


In the days just before her birth, I took photos of the nursery for a final reveal, but didn’t get the chance to post them. You can see our previous progress here.

After we finished painting the trim, walls and bookshelf, we have since painted and rehung the doors on the above closet storage, assembled the nursery furniture, hung curtains and my favorite parts: decorated and stocked the furniture with adorable baby things!

We continued with the Apples and Pears theme we used for Tristan’s nursery since it is gender neutral and my mom already made an entire nursery set with that theme before he was born. It makes so much more sense to me to reuse all of that stuff anyhow. Plus, I just love it. You can see more of our first nursery here.

This nursery feels a bit more polished than our first. I think it’s because of the curtains and the rug which has already lived in our dining area and in our office-to-be, over the course of the last 9 months. Gotta love buying something that works in multiple areas of the house.

At this point, the nursery is 97% done. We are still on the hunt for the perfect chair for the nursery (something made surprisingly difficult by living on an island) and this art print should be arriving any day now to hang above the crib. It’s from GusandLula, one of my favorite Etsy shops that also did the pear art hanging above the dresser.

Without further ado, Rosie’s nursery:





I should note that Rosie is currently sleeping in a bassinet in our room. Once she makes the move to the crib, the pillows and stuffed animals will be removed from the crib in the interest of safety.

It’s so nice to have another (almost) finished room in our new house! It’s even nicer to have such a sweet addition to our family.

One more Rosie photo for good measure:



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