I experienced a bit of a DIY fail last week. Luckily it was easily remedied.

The windows on our master bathroom look directly out onto our deck. 95% of the time it’s not an issue. Since our house sits on three acres of land and there are no homes currently built on the adjacent lots, any window treatments we use are not really about privacy and more about blocking out the sun at certain times of day.


Once in awhile, the windows from the deck into our master bath are a bit of an issue – like when we’re hosting guests on the deck or visitors use the outside stairs on the deck to access our slider door on our main living level rather than our front door.

Shortly after moving in, I used frosting film to address the window behind our toilet, because nobody needs that view. It worked great, allowing light to filter in while obscuring the less scenic view one may glimpse from the outside looking in.

I fully intended to use the same frosting film on the tub windows, but cutting a design or only frosting part of the windows. We love the view of the trees and the starry night sky and didn’t want to block the entire thing. I remained uninspired for months as to what I wanted to do with the windows and never addressed them.

As I’ve gotten closer to the imminent home-birth of our next child, I’ve become increasingly aware of a need for privacy during labor and frosting the tub windows jumped to the top of my list. The frosting film works decently enough, but applying on my 6 foot wide by 3 foot high windows would be a bit of a challenge. I was interested in a more semi-permanent solution anyways.

Enter the Google/Pinterest search.

I found a few tutorials for a semi-permanent window frosting using acrylic glaze. They basically call for purchasing a quart of acrylic glaze from the paint department at your local home improvement store, applying it to the window with a foam brush and after a couple coats you are left with frosted windows that allow light in but protect your privacy. The effort and the price seemed just right, so I gave it a go.

I had the supplies for a couple weeks before I actually tackled the task during Tristan’s nap time one afternoon. It took only about 30 minutes to get the first coat of glaze on. It was still pretty transparent, but seemed to be looking good.

Here you can see the first coat on the right side and the uncoated window on the left:


It wasn’t until 24 hours later I was able to go back for a second coat. I had read that the brush strokes would be visible so I was careful to keep everything going the same direction. Even so, before I finished the second coat I wasn’t thrilled with the results. I did all the windows anyhow and waited for Shane to come home from work.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture after the second coat was done. I was already hating it. Imagine the soaped up storefront windows in an abandoned building. They just looked dirty and messy.

Shane came home and agreed it wasn’t quite what we were going for, so there we were at 9:30pm scraping off the glaze with plastic scrapers. Fortunately it scrapped off easily enough. I saved the frosting film from the toilet windows and rehung that the next day, although it will need to be redone with fresh film soon.

I don’t think I’ll manage to have the windows frosted before baby arrives, but at least I tried.

Back to square one.


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