Updated Whole House Tour

Some of you have been asking for an update as to what our house looks like now. I had been hoping to do a 6 month update, but here we are after 8 months in our new home. I figured I better jump on it before I get the Christmas decorations out and especially before the baby arrives. We all know I won’t be so good about posting then.

You can see what we started with here before we moved our stuff into the new home. Looking back at that old post, I was struck by how little some things have changed. I’ve been trying to remind myself that I’m not going to transform our whole house overnight (or over 8 months). It’s all a work in progress and we have made some awesome strides – especially in Tristan’s room and the nursery.

Let’s start with the master bedroom again. Aside from a burning desire to paint the white walls and get some window treatments, our next big to do item is hanging our closet doors. The previous owner replaced them with a curtain. Fortunately, she kept the closet doors, we just need to replace the hanging hardware.




And the master bath. No real updates in here just yet.




Down the hall is the nursery. You can see more of our paint reveal here. We actually have some furniture and accessories in there now, but I’m not quite ready to share a photo yet. This is what it looked like as of last week:





The attached bathroom is obviously used by Tristan.


The kitchen. I fantasize every. Single. Day. About renovating this room. That and the day my children are old enough to wash dishes. I really miss having a dishwasher. We did purchase a new fridge at the end of July I’m still excited about that!


Since moving, we managed to acquire a dining table and chairs via Craigslist. The table and the white chairs are both in an unfinished state, like someone started prepping to refinish them and then stopped. We just got the brown chairs several weeks ago and they are at least in better shape. I have some plans involving paint, stain and some bold colors. Please avert your eyes from the world’s ugliest light fixture. That chandelier’s days are seriously numbered. I’m just bummed I forgot to photograph our gallery wall that hangs opposite the window. One of my favorite things in the house right now.


I’m anxious to paint our family/living room, but I’m still unsure what direction we’re heading decor-wise. We at least found a 10 1/2 foot couch that is the most comfortable thing in the world. Love it!




Heading downstairs, we have our laundry/storage/entrance area. I omitted pictures in the original house tour post since it’s honestly not much to look at. We removed the chest freezer since we don’t use it (it’s currently sitting in our carport waiting to be Craigslisted). We also hung some hooks on the wall, but that’s about all we’ve done down there.




Then we have our future home office/crafting area. We removed the original lower cabinet and replaced it with the less bulky, slightly nicer buffet cabinet that was originally upstairs in our dining area. I clearly have piles of paper to shred after cleaning out our files. One day this room will be awesome.



The office space opens up into the playroom. It’s looking a little sparse right now since I took down the Fall/Halloween book display and re-organized Tristan’s toys today. (Gotta make room for Santa’s deliveries next month).



Down the hall is the 3rd full bathroom. Not much, but it’s functional.


Next door is the guest room. Again, it’s not much, but it does the job. And still sports glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling (and more missing closet doors).



Lastly, Tristan’s room across the hall. See full details here.



I neglected to photograph our upper level deck as well as our carport/patio. Maybe I’ll share our outdoor spaces in a future post.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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