The Magic of Paint: Transforming the Nursery

After [mostly] completing Tristan’s big boy room, I’ve turned my attentions to preparing the nursery for the little one. After all, I’ve only got about 2 months until his/her estimated arrival.

The room that will be the nursery was by far the worst room in the house in terms of condition. The previous owner used this room as her work-from-home office, so it was heavily used. I’m also convinced she never cleaned it. I’ve spent 8 months cleaning this room and it still felt like there was a lot of accumulated grime that just wouldn’t go away. I’m not even sure my before pictures do justice to the icky condition of the room. The walls were incredibly dirty and the switch plates that were at one time white had taken on the color of greasy, dirty…grime, I guess, for lack of a better descriptor.

The Before Pictures:







I spent a lot of time just preparing this room for paint. There were many, many holes to spackle and sand. Again, the previous owner apparently loved to hang as many things as possible using screws all over the walls in this house – especially in her office. I also spent a good two hours (receiving a blister on my thumb as reward) scraping the previously sloppy paint job off the 15 panes of glass – inside and out – on the French door, before painting it myself. There was a lot of scrapped off paint:

This was just my first pass at the interior side of the door.

We’ve slowly been tackling this room over the past few weeks. Me, when I have the energy and a cooperative or sleeping son, Shane when he’s not working some crazy long overtime shift due to the lava flow (update on that coming soon too).

I started with two coats of paint on the trim and the French door (Behr premium in high gloss white). I then had to wait until Shane was able to prime the wood on the windowsill, bookshelf and above-closet storage cabinet since the primer is not low-VOC. Once that was done, I followed up with two more coats of the same paint as on the trim.

I really liked doing the trim first this time around. I could make sure I got full coverage on what I was painting without having to worry about getting paint on the walls. Naturally, the glossy trim made the walls look even worse!

This past weekend, Tristan spent a morning with his grandpa while Shane and I tackled the walls. The color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Shane gets the credit for the color selection. I’ve heard great things about this color in the blogosphere, but I tend to lean towards cooler grays. Revere Pewter has warm undertones, which I now see make the room less stark.

Some action pictures:

Ignore Shane’s creeper mustache – it’s for Movember.


We splurged on Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint and now I think I spoiled myself. I thought working with the Behr Premium in Tristan’s room was nice since that already was a big step up from the crappy Olympic paint we used in our first house. I really loved the BM Regal Select. The paint was really thick. I was surprised at exactly how thick when I first opened the can. What I loved, though, was it was so thick that drips really weren’t a problem. (I had a lot of drips in Tristan’s room). The coverage was fantastic! I might have to invest in this paint whenever we tackle the next room in the house.

The Afters:





What’s a little DIY without a mishap?

Of course after we finished the second coat of paint and were cleaning up, I may have caused this to happen:


Nothing like knocking a hole in your freshly painted wall. Shane is just thrilled that I can’t find a single way to blame him for it. It was all my fault.

Oh well. We patched it up and touched up the paint and you can hardly tell it happened.

We still have a bit of work to do in the nursery. There’s a lot of caulking that needs to happen. I also have one more outlet cover to switch out (I already replaced the others along with a new switch for the ceiling fan). We need to replace the closet knobs (please don’t look too closely at the closet doors. In a perfect world I would have those painted to cover up the “touch-up” job by the previous owner that makes them look even worse! I just don’t know if that’s going to happen right now). We also still need to prime and paint the cabinet doors for the storage above the closet. This is all of course before I can get to the really fun part of setting up and decorating the nursery and going through all the baby things I have stuffed into the closet just waiting to be organized.

Either way, it’s looking waaaaaaaay better than when we started!


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