Tristan’s Big Boy Room Part Two: 80% Completion

Gosh! It’s been quite a few weeks since I showed off the paint for Tristan’s new bedroom.

We moved Tristan down to his big boy room several weeks ago and he’s absolutely loving it! I think that it’s really important for him to have a space to truly call his own – especially before Baby arrives.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t call his room 100% done just yet. I’m still trying to hunt down a dresser and nightstand for him. Luckily, Tristan isn’t a clothes horse and storing his clothes on the shelves in the closet is working fine for now. We could really use a spot to put his books next to the bed though!

I also have some more ideas for homemade art to finish filling up the currently empty wall space above his bed, but my focus has since turned to other parts of the house for now. I’ll get back to finishing his room soon, I hope.

I decided to decorate Tristan’s room with a transportation theme. The boy can’t get enough of planes, trains, helicopters, cars, trucks and construction equipment! What was important to me though, is that it’s not overly theme-y. I want the bones of the room to be basic enough that it can evolve as his tastes and interests change as he gets older. I just want him to have a room that reflects who he is.

I’d been thinking about his room for a long time now. In fact, before we actually even moved into the house I ordered a couple sets of sheets for his new big boy bed from Pottery Barn to go along with what I was thinking. I got the Brody sheets (my favorite of the two), and the Patrick sheets. Now, I normally would not spend that much money on sheets for a kid, but I had a few gift cards I’d been sitting on for over 3 years, so I figured, why not? They’ve since come out with a few more sets of cool transportation sheets, but I have to keep myself in check!

The first thing that I love the most about Tristan’s big boy room are the industrial curtain rods I DIY’d with electrical piping. I opted to skip the tutorial since there’s plenty of those in the blogosphere already. Just search Pinterest. You’ll most likely have to modify anybody else’s directions to work for your space anyhow. For example, the windows in Tristan’s room are 6 feet long! The longest pipe they had in stock at Home Depot when I was there was just 6 feet, including the threading on the ends. I had to buy a few extra 4-inch nipples so I could extend the curtain rods past the window frame.


I then attached some Room Essentials curtain panels (from Target that Tristan actually helped pick out) with matching curtain clips. These allow me to take the curtains down and wash them without having to remove the entire rod from the wall. They also act as a safety feature for the day Tristan inevitably decides to try swinging from the curtains – the clips should release the fabric without bringing the whole rod crashing down on his head.


(Sorry the lighting is pretty bad. Tristan is usually napping during the best light in that room. I’ve been putting off photos for so long, I figured I’d just go with it).

The other thing I’m absolutely in love with in this bedroom is the parking garage I made for Tristan’s cars! He’s always bringing his cars to bed with him and they end up being more of a distraction as we’re trying to wind down for the night. It’s been perfect to have a place to park them where he knows they are in the room with him, but he’s not tempted to drive them all over his bed instead of going to sleep.


I used yellow Washi tape to make the parking spots (after borrowing a few of his cars to measure for size). I then made the signs on the computer using images I Googled. Once printed, I then laminated the card stock for extended durability. I initially attached them to the wall using just painters tape, but one day Tristan pulled them all down. After he did it a second time, I used some pushpins. Hopefully they’ll stay up for good now.



I really enjoyed using his collection of transportation-themed books as decoration to fill in his bookshelf.


Why the random shelf with dragons? I partially did that to appease the hubs who has thought a dragon-themed room the best idea ever since Tristan was born. Tristan also has a good collection of dragon stuff since he, like a few other family members, was born under the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dragon. I figured it was one more way to inject his personality into the room.

We started a small gallery wall that eventually won’t look so oddly placed with a nightstand underneath it. I DIY’d some homemade art using some TSA badge stickers and United wings Tristan acquired on our last trip to the mainland. I picked up the traffic light in the back-to-college clearance at Target. The Bible verse print is from AMENDesigns on Etsy.


Yes, that is a Captain America Shield blanket on his bed – a birthday gift from his Tutu. The only thing that currently competes with his love of all things transportation is Captain America. That’s what I love about his room though – we can make any of his interests work. After all, I’m doing this for Tristan and not to have the perfect Pinterest-worthy kid’s themed bedroom.

I still have a few more really good ideas for art above Tristan’s bed that I have yet to execute. One day it’ll get done – he at least is loving his room for now!


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