Our Growing ‘Ohana

photo2That’s right! We’re expecting another little one to join us sometime around mid-January! We are all beyond thrilled and Tristan can’t wait to be a big brother! He already has such a kind and nurturing personality, I think he’ll do great. 

It’s kind of cool to have done this pregnancy thing before.  It’s nice to know a little bit of what to expect and to not be weirded out by every little thing.  That said, each pregnancy is certainly different. I’m currently feeling great (yay 2nd trimester!), but there was a period of about 3 weeks earlier where nausea took over and I felt completely useless.  That was when I decided that parenting by Disney movies was not a bad thing.  I really couldn’t do more than just lay on the couch.  I had no energy and just felt awful.  The morning all-day sickness caught me off guard, since with Tristan I hardly felt nauseous at all. Thank goodness that passed!

My favorite part of this pregnancy so far was that I was able to surprise Shane with the news! In the past, we’ve taken the tests together to find out.  This time, I’d started to have a feeling earlier in the week that I just might be expecting.  First it was a random cheese craving while at Target (did the same with Tristan), then I kept having little dizzy spells and my emotions may have been wrecking havoc (hard to tell, I’m the Queen of Moodswings).  I was going to wait until the next day when Shane was off work so we could take the test together, but while I was laying in bed after Shane had left for work that morning, I couldn’t wait any longer.  Practically, I decided I should probably know for sure before I went to my dentist appointment that afternoon so I could decline the x-rays if necessary. 

Needless to say, two pink lines appeared and I was jumping for joy! I immediately called my best friend so we could plot how to surprise Shane.  It was so hard to keep it a secret all day – especially when Shane unexpectedly showed up at the dentist office to lend a hand with Tristan that afternoon! Ultimately, I decided on getting a cake and surprising him with dessert that night. 

Shane had to work late (no surprise there) and arrived home while I was putting Tristan to bed.  When I emerged from the little guy’s room, Shane was playing on his computer in our bed.  I ran to the kitchen and dug out the cake I had hidden in the way back of the fridge (I didn’t want him to accidentally see it!).  I opened it up and called to Shane, saying “Hey, babe, I want to show you something.” Shane came into the kitchen, saw the cake on the counter and his face just LIT UP! I wish I could bottle that moment, because it was one of the best! The only other time I’ve seen such complete, unadulterated joy on my husband’s face was the moment Tristan was born.  It was fantastic!

BabyWe’re going to stay on Team Green again this go around.  Finding out at the birth that we had a son was such an amazing surprise, I want to wait to find out again.  Plus, I think it gives a little extra motivation during labor.  I seriously considered finding out ahead of time for a different experience this pregnancy, but I love the mystery of it all!

What is going to be different, is that we are planning a home birth for this baby.  I found a fabulous midwife (who I may also start working with professionally as a doula), and we are so excited to welcome our baby at home! I think it will be such a reward to already be at home when the baby arrives, no need to travel to the unfamiliar environment of the hospital.  It will certainly be an experience!

As for now, we’re just looking forward to enjoying this pregnancy and the last few months with Tristan as our only child.  Although, there are plenty of preparations under way. 

Sneak peek at what I was working on today:



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