Father’s Day & A Homemade Gift

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a wonderful Dad who is always there for me, ready to impart words of wisdom whether or not I’m ready to hear them. I love that I can always call my Dad with handyman questions while trying to figure out a home improvement project, ask him for financial advise, bring friend or family relationship problems to him and no matter what, I can always rely on a well measured and wise response acquired through his years of experience. My Dad can be a tough-as-nails business man, a fun-loving guy who likes a good time, and (my favorite part) a surprisingly sentimental family man. My Dad is such a great reflection of my Heavenly Father and I am so thankful that I am his daughter.

Father-Daughter Date Night when I was 5

My Daddy still knows how to make me feel special! My and Shane’s Wedding in 2009

I feel like it is such a joy and a privilege to watch Shane grow into his role as a father with Tristan. I hope and pray that the two of them can enjoy an equally strong, albeit quite different, relationship as I have with my Dad. The two of them bond over things I certainly don’t understand, and I’m sure that will only increase as Tristan gets older. It’s so interesting to see Shane think of ways to interact with Tristan that I never would have considered. This has been the after-dinner scene in our house over the past week: Shane and Tristan trading back massages.


I wouldn’t have guessed Tristan would enjoy a back massage as much as he does!

The timing on this couldn’t have been more perfect as I came upon a great Fathers Day Gift idea waaaaay back in January. Tristan and I made a “Daddy’s Massage Shirt” for Shane.


I simply picked up a package of white undershirts (conveniently on sale pre-Fathers Day) pulled out one shirt and saved the rest for Shane who is in need of new undershirts anyhow. I deconstructed a cereal box that I put inside the shirt to prevent bleed-through and used masking tape to hold the shirt nice and taut while I drew the car map.

I used Crayola Fabric Markers leftover from onesie decorating at my baby shower to draw the design. My car map was inspired by a similar design I saw on Etsy, but I modified it to add details that seemed more specific to Shane and Tristan’s tastes. After the design was completed, I just put the t-shirt in the dryer for 30 minutes to set the ink.

We wrapped up the shirt with a couple matchbox cars we bought along with the shirts. Altogether, the gift probably only cost $6! (Probably plan on about $12 if you have to buy the fabric markers). Needless to say, our humble, homemade gift was well received!


It was so cute watching them play cars too! Of course, Tristan thinks the cars are his gift. Oh, well!


Happy Fathers Day!


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