May Highlights

Can somebody please tell me how it is already mid-June? Gosh, time keeps sneaking by me!

I had a few post ideas for May and obviously never got around to writing them. I figure I’ll just share the highlights with you guys and bring everybody up to speed.

We had some pretty heavy rain at the beginning of the month, followed by a little over 3 week dry spell. We took advantage of the heavy rain one day and checked out a couple of the local waterfalls. It was my and Tristan’s first time to see them and they were just pumping with all of the extra water! (The heavy rain is why the water is quite brown in the first photo).
Peʻepeʻe Falls

Rainbow Falls (I actually think this photo is from when we went back the second time).

Tristan loved the waterfalls! He’s asked nearly everyday since if we were going to see the waterfalls again. We made a quick trip to Rainbow Falls again on another day just to humor him.

Mid-month we booked kind of a last-minute trip to Honolulu for a quick getaway. It dawned on us that with Tristan’s approaching birthday it was going to get more expensive to travel (Infants 2 and under fly free) so we decided to go for it while we only had to pay for 2 airline tickets. We met up with a college friend and spent a nice day in Kailua and were able to spend some quality time with Shane’s grandpa.

Tristan getting comfortable waiting to board the plane in Hilo


Tristan and one of his Great-Grandpas

The weekend after we returned, we got a truckload of gravel delivered for our mud pit of a driveway (See Heavy Rains, above). Boy was I thankful for family nearby! It was several hours of effort of raking and moving gravel to fill in low spots and get it where the truck was unable to dump the rock.

The truck was probably the coolest part of the day!

Even Tristan and his cousin helped out with the raking.

The end result is a much nicer driveway. Even Tristan’s dump truck approves!

We got our driveway just in time for hosting a party. The BIGGEST highlight of May is that our little guy turned 2! Remember how I said time keeps getting away from me? I’m really not sure how it happened but suddenly I have a two-year-old. To celebrate we threw a party at our house (the first time we really had anybody over since we moved) on Memorial Day.


It was mostly family and a few friends with kids Tristan’s age. We grilled out, blew bubbles, drew with chalk, played a lot of bocce and of course ate cupcakes! It was a great time!


That was our May in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll be more on-the-ball this month. (Yeah right, it’s already mid-June).

Aloha for now!


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