A New Home for Hanley

Well, it certainly has been awhile since I’ve posted. It’s hard to have a blog called HomebyHanley when you don’t live in your own home.

Fortunately, HomebyHanley is homeless no more! Not that we’ve been living on the street, we just haven’t had a place to call our own – until now!

Oddly enough, it was almost exactly three years ago that I started this blog when we purchased our first home in Alexandria, Virginia. However, our new house couldn’t be more different than our first house.

Obviously, this house is half a world away on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s much bigger, on much (much, much) more land (3 acres in the rainforest, to be exact) and it’s in the country. How country, you ask? The property is classified as agricultural land and it’s on an unpaved road. Oh, and we don’t get mail delivery out there (Family & Friends, I still need to open our PO Box, I’ll let you know privately when we have our new mailing address).

I’m totally jazzed about this house!

I’m excited to have all kinds of land to go explore with Tristan; Lord knows he’s happy to have lots and lots of land to go run around! I’m also really excited to live a little closer to the land. The house is partially “off the grid” meaning we have our electricity supplied by power lines, but our water is supplied through rain catchment (I’ll post about that once I learn a little more about it myself. Just think, it’s like a giant rain barrel!) and our waste water goes to a cesspool (Think septic tank, but it’s a giant hole in the ground. Still learning about that too. I know, it sounds kind of gross). I would love to get solar panels down the road so that we can supply more of our energy through a plentiful and sustainable resource.

I’m looking forward to turning my black thumb green (everything grows crazy where we are since there’s plenty of rain and sunshine) by growing my own vegetables. We have a bunch of mature fruit trees already (avocados!). There’s even some fruit trees I’ve never even heard of before. I’m also excited to raise chickens for eggs! I’ve been (half) joking lately about getting a goat to maintain the lawn. We’ll see what happens.

It’s always easy to make tons and tons of plans, especially when you have a new property to work with. We know all too well from our last house that executing those plans is easier said than done. Regardless, I’m having plenty of fun shopping for furnishings and thinking about paint colors and dreaming about down-the-road renovations.

I had plenty of time for daydreaming the past two days while I cleaned and prepped the house before we move our stuff. Speaking of, I really hate moving. I wish I could just fast-forward the loading/unloading of the truck and the cross-island drive and the inevitable multiple trips back and forth as I keep transferring all the stuff I didn’t realize I had. I just want to be to the part where I’m living with my husband and son under the same roof and unpacking our stuff for good.

I really regret not taking a picture of the driveway into the property. That really makes the house all the more special as you curve around a palm-lined drive to see the house. I’ll be sure to grab a picture this weekend when I head back for the move.

Some quick stats. It’s a 4 bedroom/3 full bath. Two bedrooms are downstairs and the Master and another bedroom are upstairs. Okay, okay enough talking. I’ll give you a quick tour – or maybe Tristan will as he made it into a majority of the photos.

Introducing, the new Hanley Home:


Me and Tristan are kind of excited:


I’ll start in the master bedroom and bath:





Down the hall is the other upstairs bedroom. It’ll be Tristan’s for now while he’s little so we can keep him close by. The bedroom has a door to access the lanai, but we will secure it so Tristan can’t decide to let himself out. The bedroom has an attached bathroom that is also accessible from the hall to be used as the guest bathroom upstairs.




Across from the upstairs bath is the kitchen. Down the road, we would love to take down the one wall and open it up to the dining and living area. The previous owner was really tall, and I’m pretty short, so I can’t even reach the cabinets way up there! The over-the-range microwave is well over my head!



I’m absolutely in love with this living area. It’s gonna be nice and open for awhile since we haven’t purchased a couch yet. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was to have soooo many furniture stores to choose from on the mainlaind. Especially on the Big Island, the pickings are slim! There’s only a handful of furniture stores and chances are pretty good you can end up waiting 4-6 weeks for a piece you want to be delivered.


Heading down the stairs you pass by a chest freezer, the laundry room area and the front door from the carport. I neglected to take a picture of this area since it’s not exactly a grand entrance.


The house was built to accommodate an in-law apartment, or “ohana” as they’re known here in Hawaii. What would’ve been the kitchen for the ohana, we want to turn into a home office/crafting space. It opens into a den that will be used as a playroom for the immediate future. (Forgive the lighting – it was a weird time of day to photograph the downstairs).



Down the hall is the third full bath on the way to the two bedrooms.




That’s pretty much it. I guess I neglected to get a view of the lanai. There’s also a great “man cave.” The storage room off the carport boasts a large gun safe cemented into the floor and Shane is determined to turn that into his hangout space. There’s a window, so I figure it’s not so bad.

If you hadn’t noticed in the pictures, there is a ton of storage in this house. There’s cabinets galore and I don’t think I included any of the built in bookshelves or closet organizers in the photos. This is such a pleasant change from our duplex which had all of four closets in the entire house and an itty bitty kitchen. Of course, the furniture we opted to bring with us is all storage furniture. Probably not going to be needing much of that…

Alright, I should most likely be packing or something. Hope you all enjoy your introduction to the new Hanley Home!


2 thoughts on “A New Home for Hanley

  1. Congrats on your new place!!!! It looks awesome & I think “country living” (especially rainforest style!) will be great! You’re gonna have to give Tristan a walkie talkie so you can keep track of him in that big house (and yard). *I* am jealous of how much fun he’s gonna have 🙂

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