Homemade Halloween

I’m a little behind the curve here – ok, like 2 weeks behind the curve – but I wanted to post about Halloween. And despite what the stores want you to believe, it is NOT yet Christmas – it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

We kept things pretty darn simple this year. Tristan and I drove to the other side of the island so we could spend the holiday with Shane. (Also because we were flying to Kauai for a friend’s wedding after Shane was off work the next day).

We had been mulling over a few options for Tristan’s costume, including Dennis the Menace and Toad from Super Mario. We already had some items for each idea, so it really came down to which items we could find or make first.

After striking out with some of the required accessories for some of our ideas, I opted for the costume that was easiest to create in a short amount of time. Naturally, the day before Halloween I used nap time to turn Tristan into a Safari Explorer/Guide. I used two tutorials I found via Pinterest: this one and this one from Real Simple.



That evening I dressed up in my homemade witch costume from a couple years ago and Shane donned his R2D2 Mickey ears from last year.

We took a few pictures while the light was still good before we headed out to meet up with the cousins. We ended up not trick-or-treating because in typical Hilo fashion it started pouring right before we walked out the door. We figure Tristan doesn’t know the difference anyhow. I picked up some candy on clearance at Target the next day. I’m sure next year he will be a candy fiend!






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