New Beginnings

Today was a big day in the life of Home By Hanley; we officially sold our house and today was the first day of making our new home (together) in Hawaiʻi. I guess now we can check off both home-buyers and home-sellers next to our names.

Hard to believe this was us just 2 1/2 years ago!

Our house went on the market in mid-July and by the grace of God we were under contract in less than a week! I was especially excited by that since I was single-momming it and having to leave the house show-ready every morning before leaving for work. That is most certainly not easy with a one-year-old hanging around!

However, I’ve been sweating making it to our closing date ever since. What if the buyers backed out? With us both quitting our jobs in July and the lag in Shane’s paycheck once he started his new job, money was/is tight and I really did not want to have to pay our mortgage for September and beyond!

I can’t even say what a relief it is to know that the house is no longer our responsibility. What is really awesome is the time difference between the east coast and Hawaiʻi is 6 hours, so when I woke up today – my first morning of my new life – I woke up to the news that the house sale was finalized! Woohoo!

Oddly enough, I am missing having a space of my own to fix up. Maybe it’s because I have more freedom since I’m no longer working, or because I’ve been talking to my mom about her plans for her new house. It’s largely due to the fact the new Home By Hanley is living at home with Hanley in-laws (love you guys, really!).

It’s just hard to not live somewhere that’s completely your own. I never moved back home after college and I never had roommates again (until I met Shane) so this is going to be a new challenge for me. I’m trying to step back and enjoy the benefits of built-in babysitters – especially while Shane is away at training Monday through Friday. It’s just going to take some time to get settled here.

Hopefully within the next year (or sooner) Shane and I can find another house to make our home!


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