Moving Mania

So, funny story. The movers showed up on Sunday and we had no idea they were coming!


The Backstory:
The way the moving company operates and organizes their logistics is that they give us a moving window. Ours was 7/8-7/12. Once they know when a truck with space is available they call you 24-48 hours ahead of time to let you know they’re coming. That’s when I was planning on doing some final loads of laundry and organization to have everything ready to go.

The Miscommunication:
Now that we know when I’m leaving town, we needed to schedule when the car would be picked up to be shipped. We called the moving company and left a message on Friday afternoon regarding the car. We weren’t sure when we would hear back given the Independence Day holiday weekend. We were surprised when not 15 minutes later Shane’s phone rang and it was somebody with the moving company. I heard Shane say repeatedly, “no you can’t come on that Monday, we’ll be gone. You have to come on Sunday!” When he got off the phone he said they car would be picked up the Sunday before I leave between 12-4pm. I asked if the cost was the same as the original quote and he wasn’t sure. He said the connection on the phone wasn’t good and was pretty garbled. We just left it at that.

The Set-Up:
Sunday morning. We had a rough time at church. I was stressed to the max, exhausted, sick with a cold and Tristan was acting up in church. Big thanks (not) to the ushers who thought it was a great idea to sit the family with a teething 1-year-old up front because we were late. I ended up leaving the service early in tears.

After I recovered a bit, we left church and ran a couple of quick errands while Tristan napped in the back. (Don’t worry, we took turns staying in the car with Tristan and the a/c on – it was a heat index of 105 that day).

We had just arrived back home, maybe been there 5 minutes. Tristan was just starting his lunch and we were heating ours up. That’s when the moving truck pulled up out front.

Both of our eyes must have popped so far out of our heads and our jaws were glued to the floor. I’m pretty sure someone from the cast of Loony Tunes had to come scrape up our jaws and put our eyeballs back where they belonged.

The Realization:
Between high-pitched hysterical screams of “but you never called!” and “we’re not ready, this isn’t happening!” we realized the person Shane spoke to on Friday was in fact the mover! He thought he was discussing the car and unwittingly made the movers come a day earlier than our original window! Certainly not ideal. We were hoping they would come on Friday or at least later in the week. We still had some things to prep before everything that’s going to Hawaii was loaded on the truck.


The Resolution:
Luckily (?) the movers didn’t seem to realize our contract called for them to box up our stuff and they didn’t have the packing supplies to do the job. After a quick walk through of the house of what they were taking, they agreed to come back in an hour.

While Shane frantically made phone calls to find someone to watch Tristan, I spent 10 minutes running from room to room yelling “I don’t know where to start!” Between hyperventilating and repeatedly throwing my arms up in the air, I started grabbing things that couldn’t be packed. Because I’m a highly (anally) organized individual I already had a mental list of things that I knew couldn’t get packed by the movers. That helped but didn’t really ease the pure panic!

By the time Shane and I pulled everything we needed down from the attic, our hero Jerry arrived to watch and entertain Tristan. Thank God! When the movers returned this was our front room:


Jerry and Tristan helped vacuum pack linens (so glad I stopped for more vacuum bags at Target on our way home!) while Shane and I did our best to get everything else squared away.

Once the movers had the upstairs clear Shane and I felt like we had a better grasp on the situation. Jerry left after a couple hours of awesome, awesome, we’ll-never-thank-him-enough help. Tristan needed a nap so I took him for a walk – no picnic in the 100 degree heat, even with an extra large Slurpee in hand.

This is me vacuuming, still in my church dress. Who moves in their church clothes? This family, that’s who!


Gratuitous baby picture!


All in all, the movers were both incredibly nice and understanding. They were great with Tristan and they made a difficult experience manageable.

The movers finally left about 8pm. We were exhausted, dehydrated and pretty darn hungry. We hadn’t ate since breakfast that morning and our lunch sat forgotten on the counter all day amid various moving debris. After a quick meal at McDonalds (which I could barely swallow with all the salt in my dehydrated state) all 3 of us crashed.


So far we’ve only come across 3 things that were packed that we meant to leave out: Shane’s running shoes, my Mucinex (darn cold!) and the baby monitor transmitter (we have the receiver). Oh well.

My Dad says its like ripping off a Band-Aid and we just ripped it off. The worst is over.

Now we’re essentially camping out in our house for the next month; sleeping on an air mattress and eating off paper plates. We just sold our couch last night so we are without any cushy place to sit.

We survived the mania. Barely.


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