A Fresh Coat of Paint

Over the weekend we finished up a project we started a couple weeks ago and that I hinted at here.

Instead of consuming mass quantities of junk food and beer in preparation for the Superbowl, we were taping, cutting-in and rolling. We skipped the party and decided to paint our bathroom!

We initially thought the project was complete two weeks ago when we alternated painting and entertaining a fussy Tristan who refused to nap. We came home from Lowes armed with our paint and supplies ready to tackle the bathroom.

Our mission (we chose to accept it): Get rid of the ugly beige box that was our bathroom.




It doesn’t look all that bad in the above before photos, but I really, really hated the color of our bathroom.  It was a horrible yellowish beige that just made everything look awful.  I’m quite sure the previous owners got the bathroom paint for free somewhere because nobody would pay for that color.

We decided in advance to paint both the walls and the ceiling the same color in order to make our small bathroom seem bigger. We settled on Olympic in Elusive Blue. Let me tell you how freeing it was to paint those first strokes of our beautiful gray-blue over the hated beige!

We managed two coats of paint on the walls, but just one coat on the ceiling that first day. As novice DIYers, we hadn’t prepped a bad patch on the ceiling very well, resulting in the old paint peeling underneath the new coat. We opted to leave it and fix it another day.

Since we were in Williamsburg last weekend, Superbowl Sunday was our next opportunity to finish up the paint job after we repaired the ceiling. It was a good thing we planned on painting again, because the coverage of the first two coats on the wall was sub par. You would think two coats of paint would be sufficient, but I could see several thin spots where the beige was peeking through and it was driving me crazy!

This time we managed to get Tristan down for a solid nap so we could tackle the painting once again.  This time went more smoothly than the first since we had more of an idea of what we were doing.

Sunday afternoon wasn’t without mishap!  Funny Story: We had removed the lid on the toilet tank in order to make it a bit easier to paint behind the toilet.  While cutting-in, somebody (I won’t name names) spilled paint from the tray right into the toilet tank! Plop! We panicked and weren’t 100% sure of what to do.  We kept flushing the toilet trying to get the paint to move through, but it wouldn’t drain entirely from the tank.  It was a mess! We had to completely empty the tank and mop up the remaining paint.  Once we filled the tank again, we still had to flush the toilet several times.  It all seems to be okay now.  Fingers crossed there’s no problem with the plumbing!

I still need to paint the trim, but that probably won’t happen for a couple weeks.  I have to say, I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the results of the Olympic Paint.  I opted for that brand because it’s No-VOC and I had previous success painting the trim in the nursery with Olympic paint.  I’ll probably invest in a more expensive paint brand next time in hopes that the coverage will be better.

After another coat on the walls and two more on the ceiling (3 coats total!) we were left with a pretty, pretty bathroom! I can’t help myself, I keep petting the walls.  The best part is that I no longer get upset at the awful paint color every time I use the bathroom.  Instead, I’m awed at how the new color creates such a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  Without further ado, the after photos:



Isn’t it just sooooo much better? (Also, ignore the fact that the wall color doesn’t necessarily match our towels or shower curtain.  I figured it was better to pick a wall color we like since it’s easy to change the towels or shower curtain).


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