Snow + Virginia Drivers = Bad News

We woke up to our first measurable snow of the season this morning. When I peeked out the window everything was softly covered in a white blanket. There was only about an inch of snow, but it was so pretty! I fully intended to snap a few pictures this morning, but things got a little crazy.

I was still inside getting myself and Tristan ready while Shane cleared the driveway and brushed off the car. Luckily this was a very dry snow and was easy to clear. We wanted to make sure we left on time since Virginia and DC drivers completely lose their heads once snow starts falling. I heard a loud *crunch* and wondered to myself what Shane was doing with the shovel out there. A couple moments later I opened our blinds to see a Prius with a crumpled front-end stopped on the street and an SUV parked just beyond our driveway. Next thing I know, Shane comes in the house for blankets and is on the phone with 911.

Shane was putting the shovel away when the accident occurred, but had just walked back out on the driveway in time to see a woman lying on the side of the street in front of our house. We’re not sure what exactly happened, but when the car accident happened, the woman who was waiting at the bus stop was struck. She was in shock and we did our best to keep her warm.

Within minutes a fire truck, police car and two ambulances arrived on the scene. Tristan was fascinated by all the lights and watching the paramedics. Thank goodness the woman who was struck seems to be ok! I recognized the woman as a neighbor who frequents that bus stop. I’m still saying prayers for her and her husband who was also there this morning.

We had to wait for Shane to talk to the authorities and for them to clear the accident scene a bit before we could leave for work. It certainly was an exciting morning, but I would much rather have spent it watching the snow fall while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Some more snow is expected Friday night into Saturday. Let’s hope this next snowfall brings a quiet enjoyment and a less eventful morning!

Please drive carefully out there!!


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