Pizzelles – A Christmas Tradition

Christmas isn’t Christmas for me until I can smell pizzelles baking.  The Italian cookies have been a family tradition for as long as I can remember.  When I was younger, my brother and I always looked forward to the day on Christmas break when our mom would bring out the pizzelle iron and we’d spend a few hours making cookies while watching a holiday movie.  The recipe turned out dozens and dozens of cookies that we would stack in containers after they cooled on the kitchen table.

I’ve always noticed the absence of the cookies during the few Christmases that we’ve skipped the pizzelles for one reason or another.  My mom was even so kind as to bring pizzelles to Hawaii the year Shane and I got married just two days after Christmas.  You can imagine, I was completely thrilled last year when I received my very own pizzelle iron as a gift from my mom.  I’m only bummed that it took me nearly a year to use it!

Hanley Home 079

After emailing my grandma for the family pizzelle recipe, I mixed up a batch of dough.  Wow – I couldn’t believe how quickly the smell of the anise and lemon extracts brought me back to my childhood!

Hanley Home 080

It was fun to think about how I will get to continue this family tradition with Tristan and future bambino(s).  Tristan wasn’t all that interested yet, but one day he’ll be begging to lick the spatula instead of his socks.

Hanley Home 082

Hanley Home 083

At least I got to enjoy the delicious cookies!

Hanley Home 081

I’m super excited – the booklet that came with my pizzelle iron had several more recipes I want to try including Orange Rum Pizzelles and Chocolate Pizzelles!  I just might become that crazy pizzelle lady!

Making pizzelles this weekend was one of those simple pleasures that brought back so many special memories of Christmas as a child.  I’ll file this under Simplifying Christmas.  For more Christmas posts, check out the patchwork stockings I made last year and our meaningful Christmas decorations.


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