DIY Detergent Update

It’s been over a month since I mixed up homemade dishwasher and laundry detergents, so I thought I’d update you all on the results.

I’ve been using the dishwasher detergent the longest and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. In addition to my homemade soap, I’ve used white vinegar as a rinse aid (instead of something like JetDry). My glasses and baby bottles come out super clean without any spots! I’m pretty sure that’s a result of the vinegar and not just the detergent, but I’ll take it.

My homemade detergent works just as well as the store-bought stuff for a fraction of the price. I can’t beat that, so I will continue to use it. The first batch I mixed should last me for quite some time.

The only caveat I have is that the mixture hardens. I did read this on the blog where I got the recipe, but I ignored it. Let me tell you, it HARDENS. The first time I went to use the detergent (I had made it a few days beforehand) I bent the scoop, it was so hard (that’s what she said)! The original recipe suggests tying a bit of rice in cheesecloth and leaving it in the container to keep this from happening. I have yet to do this, so every time I run the dishwasher I have to scrape the scoop along the detergent to get enough to use. Otherwise, it’s great and it’s saving me money!

It took me longer than I anticipated to finish off my store-bought laundry detergent so I haven’t used the homemade stuff for that long. I was initially worried about the scented Fels-Naptha soap – the smell was so strong while grating it. Then every time I opened the jar I was overcome by the scent. It’s not a bad scent, I’m just sensitive to perfumes in general. I was afraid my sensitive skin, or Tristan especially, might have a bad reaction to the perfumes in the detergent.

So far so good. I’m happy with how it cleans our clothes, towels and sheets. There have been no adverse reactions and our laundry doesn’t have a strong scent from the detergent. Again, the detergent was super inexpensive to make and the batch will last us a long time before I need to make more. (I now have a food processor to grate the soap next time)! The only change I will make will be to find unscented laundry soap for the next batch.

Has anybody else made their own detergents? What are your results? Any tips or suggestions?


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