Where are the Trick-or-Treaters?

Well, it’s 8’oclock and it’s official: this Halloween is only marginally better than last year’s let-down. Not. One. Trick-or-Treater.  Again! I’m not even sure the boys who live next door are home tonight.  I figured they would at least knock on our door.  After all, we talked plenty of WWE wrestling with them while planting our garden out front.  Nope, no visits from them or any other cute costumed children.

Maybe I should wait up for The Great Pumpkin with Linus tonight and ask him what I did wrong again this year.  Granted, I haven’t even spotted a single trick-or-treater in our neighborhood at all tonight.

I did get really excited a few minutes ago when someone knocked.  I grabbed our bowl of candy and rushed to the door – only to find a lonely Amazon package sitting on the step.  Even the UPS guy didn’t want to stick around for some candy!

I will admit, the Halloween ball was dropped in the Hanley Home this year.  There are no pumpkins to be carved and just one measly decoration out front.  It’s been a hectic month between an unanticipated trip to Hawaii, my new normal crazy daily schedule as a working parent and dodging Hurricane Sandy this past weekend. There’s always next year, when Tristan is a bit older and everything will be more exciting.  Truth be told, the severe lack of witches, firefighters and little pumpkins in my neck of the woods isn’t very encouraging, but we’ll see what happens next October.

This Halloween was still better than last year.  Why? Because I have an awesome son to dress for his very first Halloween!

He does make one cute Yoda!


I would cuddle up with my little Yoda, but he’s already in bed.  I’ll just sit right here next to all that unclaimed Halloween candy for the rest of the night!


3 thoughts on “Where are the Trick-or-Treaters?

  1. Oh my gosh… how adorable is he!!!!

    I was thinking about you and last year’s Halloween this week and hoped this year would be better! So sorry to hear you missed out on all but one of the cute kiddos. Maybe next year!

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