Time is Managing Me!

I hate that I’ve hardly blogged at all over the last six weeks or so! I keep waiting for life to settle down.  If I just get through this next _____, I’ll be good.  But after every next _____ there’s another ______ right around the corner.  Does anyone else feel like that – like you just can’t seem to get ahead?

I’m the first to admit that the pace of life as a full-time working mom (redundancy anyone?) is slowly killing me.

My average day:

5:30a – Wake Up Call, either from alarm or Tristan

5:30-7:00a – Shower & dress myself, change & dress Tristan, feed Tristan, make sure we all have lunches, bottles, breastpumps, cell phones and IDs, feed the cats, make coffee (all with my wonderful husband’s help, of course)

7:15a – We’ve actually all made it to the car at this point, load up the back, doing our best to convince neighbors we’re leaving town for a week with all the things we carry out to the car.  Strap Tristan in.  Try not to spill my coffee. Wait for both pedestrian and rush hour traffic to magically part at the same time to back out of the driveway

7:25a – Arrive at daycare.  Unstrap Tristan. Remember to bring his bottles inside with us.  Sign him in, hand Tristan over to his teacher.  Kiss him goodbye. Kick myself for being a bad parent because I forgot a coat/hat/___.

7:30-8:00a – Swear profusely at DC traffic.  Drink coffee.  Eat banana.  Get to spend one-on-one time with Shane.  Arrive at work late (for Shane) because traffic on the bridge was jammed.  Shane runs ahead through security to try and race the punch clock.

8:00-8:20a – Head to Lactation Suite for my first pumping session of the day.  Once dressed again, head for my break room to put all my stuff down so I no longer feel like a bag lady.

8:30-9:00a – Finally get to eat breakfast: yogurt and maybe a bagel before starting work for the day.  Starting work now? I’ve already been up for 3 hours!  Who’s exhausted already?

9:00-11:00a – “Work.” If you know my job, you understand the quotes.  For the uninitiated, I am a government employee: your tax dollars at “work”

11:00-11:20a – Visit the nurses office for another pumping session.  I have to try and get four bottles of milk from just three pumping sessions a day.  Fun.

11:25-11:50a – Rush to eat lunch and take a bathroom break before heading back on post.

12:00-3:00p – “Work”

3:00-3:20p – Pump.  Again.

3:25-3:50p – Get a little bit of a break and have a snack.  Yes, I’m a government employee, I do get another break in the afternoon.

4:00-4:30/5:00p – Finish up “work”

4:30/5:00-5:30p – Dodge pedestrians, tour buses and other obstacles.  Merge onto highway.  Sit in DC traffic.  Finally pick up Tristan at daycare.  Listen to him fuss in the backseat while we sit in more traffic.  Arrive home.

5:30-6:00p – Feed Tristan. Doze off while feeding Tristan.

6:00-7:00p – Entertain Tristan while attempting to cook and eat dinner.  Clean up bottles and pump parts.  Sort mail, get lunches and prep bottles for next day.

7:00-7:30p – Bathe Tristan.  Pajamas.  Feed and put Tristan to sleep.

7:30-8:00p – Finish cleaning up dishes and making preparations for next day.

8:00-9:30p – Collapse on couch.  Consider (briefly) exercising.  Eat ice cream instead.  Oops! Forgot to feed the cats. Attempt to watch shows on DVR before dozing off.  Go to bed.

1:30a – Wake up to baby crying.  Change diaper and feed Tristan.

2:00a – Go back to bed.

5:30a – Do it all over again.

I don’t mean to complain.  I’m just flat out exhausted.  All I can say, is thank God for federal holidays and hurricanes that close the federal government for two days!  Without those, I’m pretty sure I would’ve completely lost my mind by now.  My weekends are difficult too, since I have a regular Saturday/Sunday weekend, but Shane has Sunday/Monday off.  I’ve been trying to clean the house on Saturdays, but with Tristan around, this hasn’t worked as well.  Plus I need time for fun too! Sundays are full of church and family activities and it’s the only day we overlap at home together.  It’s little wonder we’ve hardly made any progress on projects around the house.

Over the past month, I’ve been paying attention to how I use my time and trying to find ways to better manage my time.  First up, I’m working on saying “no” to things I’m not interested in or for which I simply don’t have the time to commit.  I’ve got a project in the works to help me better organize things around the house.  I just started implementing it this week, so I’ll keep you posted as I work out the kinks.

I apologize if this is a whiny “my life as a mom is crazy busy wah” type of post.  It’s just what is on my mind.  Fingers crossed on some potential life-changers in the works! (That’s all I’ll say for now, but more to come as things hopefully fall into place).


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