Operation Curb Appeal: We Dig, Dig, Dig

The August Blahs have apparently given way to a burst of productive energy.  It could be the change of season (more on the calendar that in actual weather in DC) or that it’s Back-to-School time (although I’m no longer in school).  Whatever it is, I’m enjoying it this weekend.

We finally got the motivation to continue with our Operation: Curb Appeal project that we began back in June.  I weeded (again) our “gravel garden” by the front door.  I thought it was bad in June, but a jungle of weeds had sprung up since.  I attacked those on Saturday afternoon.  Nothing like weeding to give you real tangible progress!

Since we last visited Operation: Curb Appeal, we put down a tarp on the grassy weedy area along our fence with the neighbors to kill what was there and make it easier to pull up. If you recall, this is what we started with:

The hot, dry weather was on our side and killed the nasty stuff in no time.  In July while Shane’s mom was visiting, we took the opportunity to head outside and start digging it up.  It was hot, sweaty work, but incredibly satisfying – even if we didn’t finish.  These pics are from July:

We managed to dig up the dead sod and weeds for about 2/3 of that strip.  We moved the tarp to then cover the remaining area of grass weeds to tackle later.  Sadly, the project just sat with dirt blowing in the wind until we were able to pick up a wheelbarrow to actually move said dirt.  We then hit another snag when Shane injured his knee after moving just a few wheelbarrows full of dirt.  Basically, it’s taken us an entire month to get moving with this project again.

This weekend I was adamant about doing something. I was tired of looking at the weeds and dirt. I put Shane to work (with a healed knee) grading the garden and using the dirt in our backyard where we need it.  He dug down pretty deep so that we could level the garden with the sidewalk, allowing room to add new soil and pebbles for better drainage.
After digging so deep, we could actually see our sidewalk enough to realize it’s actually curved! Who knew? The mound of dirt and sod the previous owner put in place was so sloppy it overlapped and covered the sidewalk more than we realized.

(I would include progress pictures here if I had them.  I delayed posting this in hopes of snapping some pics this afternoon but the sun went down before I had a chance.  I didn’t want to wait another day to post, so you’ll just have to wait).

To keep up our motivation, we visited not one, but two garden centers this weekend.  The visits may have resulted in a “lively discussion” about our thoughts, plans and goals for this garden.  It’s all part of the process, right? Either way, we ended up with four quart-size lavender plants for along the fence (the smaller plants will grow and fill out the space, we hope) as well as two hibiscus bushes purchased on impulse (hey they were marked down to just $5 each!).  The hibiscus will stay outside for a couple more weeks while it’s still warm and humid around here before wintering inside.

I’ll update you all once we get these plants in the ground and have everything looking all neat and pretty.


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