August Blahs

Wow. I honestly can’t believe we are already coming up on the end of August! It’s been a pretty crazy month and a lot has happened.  That being said, the progress on our home has been nil in pretty much every area.  In fact, some areas might actually have experienced negative progress.  For example, the gravelly “flower bed” by our front door that I weeded as part of Operation Curb Appeal, now looks even worse than when I first weeded it! Seriously, the weeds have invaded out there and it looks downright awful.  All I can say is, you win some and you lose some.  Right now I’m losing most battles with the house.

What have we been up to? Well, I returned to work at the beginning of August and the little guy is in daycare.  Work is very much the same, except I now spend my time counting the hours until I can leave and pick up Tristan.  It’s been an adjustment to say the least, just trying to get a new routine down while still not getting enough sleep at night.  As if that’s not bad enough, Shane had to make an unplanned trip home to Hawaii and I had the pleasure of playing single mom for a week.  It certainly wasn’t easy and I’m so, so happy to have my husband back home!!!

The icing on the cake is that we’re all now in various stages of illness.  Tristan brought the Daycare Crud home and was sick at the beginning of the week (while I was still parenting solo), then once Shane got home I was able to fall apart and got really sick by the end of the week.  Tristan and I are both still recovering from what is proving to be a nasty virus and now it just hit Shane today.

All of this combined with an injury to Shane’s knee working in the yard a few weeks ago means we’ve done pretty much nothing to the house over the last month.  I had some goals of things I really wanted to complete while on maternity leave – paint the front door, hang pictures – but I seriously underestimated the task of taking care of the little guy, combined with how busy I would be with visiting friends and family.  Tristan has quite the fan club.

I can’t believe we’ve lived here for nearly a year and a half and still have a pile of pictures to hang on the walls.  I have so many great ideas of other projects I would love to tackle.  It’s just a matter of finding enough time, energy and money to complete them all: The Homeowners Dilemma. I find this especially challenging as new parents shelling out for daycare.  It’s hard enough to keep up with the daily chores like laundry and making sure we have healthy meals.  Honestly, I’m just happy right now my house is in some state of cleanliness.  (I managed to dust today! Yay!) I’m hoping we’ll find our rhythm soon and be able to tackle something around the house.  The longer it takes, the more projects I dream up!
Hopefully next post will be touting progress of some sort!


2 thoughts on “August Blahs

  1. We’ve been here since mid-April, but I still have 4 or 5 boxes to unpack! I had my son a couple weeks after moving here, and then my hubby was gone for about 8 weeks out of 12 after that (Navy), so that’s my excuse! I struggle to keep up with daily chores, and I don’t work out of the home, so kudos to you!

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