Closet Woes Update

My closet woes are past, so I thought I’d update you all.

I had been planning on a thorough closet clean-out while home on maternity leave. My closet crashing on the floor just changed my timeline on those plans. It took about a week to complete between my mommy duties and helping out at my church’s Vacation Bible School. I was stealing moments here and there to clean out and organize.

My first task was to remove all my stuff from the closet so we could assess the damage. (A challenge since both our bedrooms are now in use and there’s a lack of extra space to stash my stuff). As suspected, the closet shelf and rod were installed with incorrect screws and no wall anchors where they were needed. It was only a matter of time before it all came down. I briefly dreamed of a custom closet system, but that didn’t fit our budget or our timeframe for repairing my closet. Luckily, the existing shelf and rod were not damaged. We just had to run out to Lowes for replacement brackets and mud to patch the holes. Shane patched the holes and then used his stud finder (a Father’s Day gift) to screw the new brackets into the studs for the most permanent and sturdy fix possible.

Then came the weeding through my stuff. I donated a few bags worth of shoes, handbags and clothes to Salvation Army. I also decided to reallocate some of my things for a more functional closet. I moved my handbags to Shane & Tristan’s closet (they have plenty of extra room, but still need a closet overhaul there too). I also separated out my Fall/Winter clothes into a plastic storage bin for the attic. I can then switch things out at the change of seasons.


The result is a much better organized closet where my clothes have room to breathe. I now have plenty of extra room on the shelf – I’m even thinking about adding in another shelf above it for even more storage.




I even took the opportunity to reorganize my under-bed storage using this idea I found via Pinterest. I’m quite pleased with the results! I’m able to now fit all my t-shirts in one storage bin and the other now holds just sweaters with a lot of extra room.


Two items remain to make my closet truly functional: adding a light and replacing the missing door.


I don’t believe I ever blogged about my closet door. About a year ago, I was replacing the knobs on my doors as one had come loose, and the left door kept catching on the carpet. We removed it and found it was pretty damaged on the bottom, so we tossed it. I debated a soft, fabric curtain for my closet instead, but I think I would prefer doors to keep both the cats and Tristan (once he’s mobile) out of my stuff. Hopefully that door will be replaced sooner rather than later. We’ll have to see how things shake out since I feel like I have my hand in several different projects at once right now.


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