Operation: Curb Appeal – Weeds, Be Gone

I’m still working on my closet that I wrote about last week, but I’m anticipating a new and improved reveal soon!

Earlier in the week, Shane and I began what I’m calling Operation: Curb Appeal. It’s clearly needed after the unfortunate incident referred to here. There’s a lot that needs to be done to fully achieve curb appeal for the Hanley Home, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. (Not unless we can get on HGTV’s Curb Appeal). We took advantage of a cooler afternoon, odd in the middle of this heat wave we’re experiencing, and got to work.

We started small by just weeding the gravelly area between the “flower bed” and the walkway. I forgot to take some before shots, but this mid-weeding shot shows how bad it was to start and the difference pulling those weeds made.


I thought Shane had taken some after photos, but no dice. He also started pulling down the lattice the previous owner attached to the already unattractive chain-link fence. Like the weeding, this was slow-going as well since it was attached with a surprising amount of wire.



Tristan helped supervise our work.

Currently, we have a tarp over the weeds/grass along that fence. The plan is to kill the weeds and sterilize the soil so we can level that area out and plant a garden. We will also do the same with the other “grassy” area and plant sod.

Other items on the Operation: Curb Appeal agenda include painting the front door, painting the fence, replacing the missing and/or old shutters, creating a front porch seating area, replacing the porch light and cleaning up the peeling paint on the walkway. (Yes, the previous owner painted the sidewalk to match the green fence, but didn’t use the right type of paint, so it’s peeling all over the place and is just plain ugly). Maybe we’ll add a window box too.

This list is what i consider to be a realistic set of things we can actually accomplish with our time and budget. If I had an unlimited budget, this list would look a lot different. I would rip everything out and start fresh. Or maybe Curb Appeal could just do it for me. Feel free to nominate my house so we can see what a $20,000 makeover looks like. Since that’s unlikely, I’ll just plan on doing what I can to spruce up the front of our house. Of course I’ll keep you updated on our slow, but sure, progress as we go.


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