Closet Woes

It’s been just over a month since Baby Hanley arrived (hard to believe!) and I’m still trying to get a grasp on mommy hood. Just when you think you’re starting to get things under control, everything changes on you. I guess the same could be said for owning a house.

Since I’m on maternity leave for the majority of the summer, there are a few projects around here I’ve been dying to tackle. I was even working in our scary backyard last week! There’s not any noteworthy progress yet, just cleaning up and organizing back there.

The problem is, staying at home with the baby, I can plan to do something all I want, but I’m at the mercy of his schedule. I never can seem to get him to nap when I would like. We’ve had a bit of a heat wave anyhow, so getting out and working in the yard hasn’t really been an option.

Luckily (I’m not sure about that), an indoor project presented itself this morning. Around 9am today, I was nursing Tristan in my bed before we both really got up for the day and suddenly heard a large crash! I looked across the room to my closet to see the following:




(Excuse the poor quality of the photos. I was holding the baby while trying to take pictures to text Shane while I was on the phone with him).

That’s right, my closet bar and shelf ripped out of the wall and dumped the entire contents of my closet on the floor! Seriously?! I was pretty annoyed. After a month of having Tristan home, our bedroom finally got a proper cleaning yesterday and I was loving the fact that everything was put away. Not so once I tackle the closet this afternoon since I have nowhere to put all my clothes. Darn Murphy and his law!

We had this same problem with Shane’s closet (located in Tristan’s room) when we first moved in. I attempted to put a Rubbermaid container on the shelf and the whole thing crashed down. Turns out the people that installed it when they flipped the house didn’t use drywall anchors or the proper screws (story of our life around here). We checked my closet out and all seemed sound. It’s been supporting all my stuff for 15 months, so I’m not sure why it came down today. I pointed out to Shane I relieved it of all my extra maternity clothes a couple weeks ago, so it’s not bearing extra weight.

Guess I will be cleaning out my closet and donating some clothes sooner than I had planned this summer. I really should learn to start expecting the unexpected, both as a mom and as a homeowner!


2 thoughts on “Closet Woes

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