Pissed Off (pun intended)

While sitting down to a family dinner last night (still tonight to me since I’m up feeding Tristan at the moment), things got interesting. It wasn’t anything Shane said or did and Tristan was passed out in his high chair the entire time. In fact, we were trying to take a video of Tristan snoring when this happened.

For keeping things interesting, I would like to thank the individual who thought it was acceptable to walk halfway up my driveway and relieve himself in full view of the window by our dining table. It was full daylight outside and our commuter heavy street was full of commuters, both pedestrian and those in cars. Our front yard and driveway aren’t exactly private either. Whatever possessed this man to take a piss on my driveway, I’ll have no idea.

All at once, Shane banged on the window and I threw open the front door to yell at him to get off our property and inform him I was calling the police. I then did just that as we watched him walk down the street. Unfortunately, it took the police a few minutes to arrive as they were tied up on another call. By the time they arrived, he had boarded a bus down the street.

The police were very helpful when they arrived. They were concerned and wanted to make sure the man hadn’t exposed himself to us. Thank God he did not! The possibility hadn’t even crossed my mind – it could’ve been worse! We didn’t file a full report, but they at least put out a lookout for that individual. I’m not sure it’s any real consolation to me, but at least the man was clearly not sober.

What a weird evening! It left me wondering about a few things, though. I know our house leaves something to be desired with its “curb appeal” right now as we haven’t really tackled the front yet, but does it say to people “Gotta go? Come take a leak in our yard?” (The funny thing is, I finally put some flowers out on the front porch just hours earlier in an attempt at redemption for our yard). Also, how many times has this happened before we caught it? It has me more than a little freaked out with a new baby at home. From what kind of creeps am I going to have to protect my son? I’m just crossing my fingers and praying this never happens again!


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