Hula Girl Art

I guess Shane and I are starting to feel better about putting holes in our walls. On Sunday we hung up a few more pictures around the house. It’s hard to believe what a big difference it makes after we’ve been living with pretty much blank walls for over a year now.

This weekend we jazzed up our front/dining room with some hula girls! I had a calendar leftover from last year that I picked up on our last trip to Hawaii. I’d been saving it with the intention of using the pictures in this way, but hadn’t really got around to it. I always save old calendars with this purpose in mind, but other than taping some pictures up on my dorm walls, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything with them.

Armed with a handful of coupons, we hit up Michael’s on Friday night. I bought four 12″x12″ frames, on sale for $9.99 each and then saved an additional 25% off my total purchase. Not bad!

On Saturday, I selected my four favorite images from the calendar. They are all black and white Kim Taylor Reece photographs from his Hula Kahiko series. The result: not so blank walls anymore!





Excuse the clutter you may see in those photos. 🙂

The art certainly adds something more to the room. I also just love being greeted by one of my favorite things – hula – every time I enter the room! We still have one giant expanse of wall above the dining table we need to decorate.


I have some ideas in mind there, although we’ll see how soon they’re realized. I would also like a new dining table in the near future since ours is too small.

By the way, who spotted the high chair? We’re just days away from Baby Hanley’s arrival!!! Don’t worry, I’m working on a final nursery reveal to be posted ASAP!

Anybody else use old calendars as free artwork?


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