Rock-a-bye Baby

The same day we upgraded our bar stools, we also picked up a rocking chair for our nursery.  I had spent a few days researching my options on Craigslist (after the unplanned purchase of a dresser, our budget for a chair was really quite small) before I decided I wanted a traditional rocking chair.

Originally, we were thinking we would spray paint whatever rocking chair we got and even purchased a couple bottles of white spray paint for the job.  It wasn’t until we got the chair home, we realized it was in really good shape. After living with it in the room for a week or so, we decided we liked the look of the mixed wood finishes.  We don’t want anything too matchy-matchy and the lighter finish on the rocking chair actually complements some of the other accessories (to be shared later) in the nursery.

Not bad for $40!

The chair is also extremely comfortable! I find myself sitting in the nursery all the time now, just because I like the chair so much.  I guess that’s good news since I will be spending so much time in that chair very soon. Here’s Shane testing it out with Lily as his practice baby:

Here I am posing for my 35 week (about 2 weeks ago) bump picture in the rocker:

While we wait for Baby Hanley to arrive, I’ll be rocking away in our new chair!


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