The Hanleys walk into a bar…

Well, not quite, but this post does have to do with our bar stools.

We bring you a break in our regularly scheduled, baby and nursery-obsessed programming to share a quick upgrade from a couple weeks ago. Remember about a year ago when our front/dining room looked like this?

We have since unpacked and ditched the cardboard boxes and moved the light. We’re still saving for a new dining table and chairs. In the meantime, we opted to upgrade the breakfast bar situation:

Those Ikea stools date back to my first studio apartment when my only dining option was at the breakfast bar. They went to our second apartment and by default came here to our house. We’ve been planning on replacing them, but every option I’ve liked came with a hefty price tag.

It wasn’t until we rearranged our family room that I thought about repurposing two other stools we had from Shane’s bachelor pad. When we tested them out at the counter, we liked the height better, despite the fact that they’re backless. Since they passed the test, we decided to go for it and spray paint them to match the room better.

First, Shane gave them each a light sanding to help the paint adhere:



Then, we used three, thin and even coats of spray paint on all sides. We used Rustoleum’s paint and primer in Oil-rubbed Bronze. We thought the slightly metallic finish would complement the wood tones in the room rather than just adding yet another wooden element. I even got in on a little of the action too:


Not to worry, I was careful to avoid fumes and only did a little bit. Shane got to have the majority of spray painting fun. Here are the painted stools curing up outside:


I like the metallic dimension when the light hits it just right. No flat paint here! We’re thinking about adding some cushion on top in the future, but we’ll keep you posted. We’ve been living with them as is for the last two weeks and I’m pretty happy with them. Don’t they look so much nicer then the old ones? (The Ikea stools have gone to live in the attic for the time being until we have a use for them, probably at a future home).


I also love how the stools balance out the oil-rubbed bronze finish on the light fixtures directly above them. It’s the little things, I swear, that make the most impact.


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