Almost There…Nursery Update

I’m back, as promised, with a quick update of our nursery progress.  The furniture is assembled, dresser drawers lined and filled with freshly laundered baby clothes and the crib is all made up.  There’s still a few things we need to complete our registry and nursery space, but most of what’s left to do is to organize and decorate.

Currently, the crib is made up with a blue sheet, but that doesn’t mean we know Baby H’s sex.  We also have yellow sheets, but I wanted to try the blue one after I washed everything (we had made the crib earlier with a yellow sheet).  Here are two of my favorite recent additions to the room:

We got the bunny at a local toy store in Old Town called Why Not?  We were looking for a stuffed animal to add to the room.  I was originally thinking a stuffed bear, but at the store Shane and I were swayed by the bunnies.  It turns out both Shane and I had gray stuffed bunnies as children, so it’s fitting that Baby H should have a gray stuffed bunny too!  (I never knew that about Shane before – it’s fun that after knowing each other for nearly 4 years we’re still learning new things about each other!)

The smiley apple pillow was a surprise find at Target a couple weeks ago.  We randomly found it on one of the clearance end-caps and it works perfectly with our nursery theme! It’s even double-sided with a green smiley apple face on the other side.

We’ll be picking up a Craigslisted rocking chair this weekend that we’re planning on spray-painting white.  We’re still on the hunt for a lamp.  Otherwise, I just need to get busy on crafting a flag banner and framing and hanging the artwork we have for the walls.  I’ll share all the details as we continue progress.


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