The Nesting Bug has Bit…

I thought maybe I had been nesting before, but let me tell you, that was nothing.  The nesting bug has most certainly bit.  Last Sunday, I declared that we would be rearranging our family room.  I couldn’t stand it any longer!

Here’s a couple throwback photos from about a year ago when we moved in to give you an idea of the original arrangement of the room:

It was cute and somewhat functional, but made the 15’x15′ room feel a lot smaller.

To be fair, the arrangement of our family room is something that has slowly started to drive me crazy over the last few months. Last weekend, however, as I tried to imagine how we’ll fit our baby into our lives and our family room, it just wasn’t going to work.  The nesting started when we assembled our baby swing and tried to figure out the best place to put it.  Everything I tried made the room more crowded and left no room to move.  I had had it!

The only plan I was sure of was to completely unload the horizontal bookshelf under the window, stand it upright and slide the couch under the window with the bookshelves flanking both sides.  After that, we just kind of moved things until it felt right.  A couple in progress photos for you:

Just moving the couch to underneath the window really opened up the entire room! Can you tell how much Shane loves the extra space?

I present, our new family-friendly, extra-roomy, family room:

Of course, the “simple” furniture rearrangement resulted in my obsessive organizing tendencies to undertake a project of sorting through our entire book collection (boy, do Shane and I have a book problem).  We had to sort through the books we wanted on the shelves, books we wanted to keep out in general, books we could store in the attic until we have more storage space down here and books we wanted to donate.  You can read more about some of our neat finds on Shane’s blog here.

After the big book reorganization, I’m no longer embarrassed to show the previously unseen fourth wall of our family room:

Previously, that shelf along the wall was littered with lots and lots of books and a mess of Shane’s music equipment.  It’s certainly come a long way, trust me, but we still have big plans.  We’re still trying to decide exactly what type of storage we would like to add on this wall.  Not to mention, we’d like to finally get around to hanging pictures and art on the walls in here.  There’s a whole bunch of frames stacked up behind the door there.  Now that we’re a lot more comfortable with the furniture arrangement in this room, I think we can actually start to visualize hanging things on the walls.

It took about a week to get everything more or less set in here.  We still need a couple decorative items to fill out the space on the bookshelves (a trip to HomeGoods, perhaps?).  We’re also thinking about finally getting a Poang Chair from Ikea to complete the seating area – Shane’s been after one of those for video game play for quite awhile. We also ditched the shag rug we had in here – it was too small for the room once we rearranged the furniture.  The rug has now gone to live upstairs in the nursery (updates are forthcoming there) and the black shelf lamp has gone to live in our bedroom as a bedside table/lamp for Shane.  We like how the room feels more open without a rug, not to mention the floors are easier to clean.  We may purchase a larger rug for the room once we have some money saved up and/or it gets close to winter, and colder in here again.  The loss of the lamp has left us a bit off balance with light in the room as well, so we’re investigating solutions to get some more direct lamplight in the couch area.

In the meantime, we’re loving the extra room we have to spread out, exercise, play Wii and we’re looking forward to the extra room we’ll have to play with Baby H!


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