Story Books Galore

I have way too many books! In the past few months it’s only gotten worse, and there is no end in sight. Over the years I have bought books, stolen books, borrowed (and never returned) books, and who knows how many have just been given to me for any number of reasons.

Recently, I have been working with my wife to go through our massive literature collection and separate those we want to keep, donate and store. I wouldn’t have thought so when we first started, but it is quite an invigorating and uplifting process. The difficult thing to overcome is deciding which books can’t stay with you; mostly, old college textbooks and philosophical prose that I read in my early 20s.

But along with those that have to leave you discover others that you never knew existed. This project first started with us trying to rearrange our living room in anticipation of our baby that could get here in the next 4 weeks. We were so happy to find a collection of old Dr. Seuss books, Shel Silverstein, Berenstein Bears (some of my favorites) and even older Charlie Brown stories.

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