Wasting Away in Margaritaville…

No, I’m not actually drinking alcohol while pregnant. I’m drinking the next best thing – Crystal Light Mocktails in Margarita flavor!

I had a coupon last week and I’ve been wanting to get some Crystal Light anyhow. I can only drink so much plain water before I get bored. I picked up some regular raspberry lemonade Crystal Light when I saw the Margarita Mocktails sitting on the shelf. I figured, what the heck?

After all, Shane has been teasing me with going out for margaritas all pregnancy since they’re my favorite. I mixed up a pitcher when I got home, although I was a little apprehensive about how good it would actually taste.

Let me just say, I probably should’ve salted my rim!


It is de-lish! It seriously tastes like the real thing – I had to double check that I didn’t actually add tequila! Shane thought I was nuts until he tried a sip and agreed.

Look! Lily likes it too!


Planning down the road, it would taste amazing blended with ice and tequila for easy sugar-free margaritas, or as is mixed with tequila on the rocks (how I prefer my margaritas). Just don’t forget to salt your rim!


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