MTV Cribs – Baby Hanley Edition

I know I was hoping to update y’all on our nursery furniture situation on Wednesday, but story of my life, we got busy.  It’s been a good busy though.  So if you remember from this post when I shared our nursery mood board, we were planning on refinishing Shane’s old dresser and nightstand from his original nursery set.  The plan was to sand off the old finish, fill and sand any cracks, dings etc., stain to match our crib and changing table and update with new hardware.  It seemed easy enough…

Shane made some quick progress in sanding down the body of the dresser after we used gift cards to purchase a DeWalt power sander at Home Depot.  However, he wasn’t entirely confident with the quality of the dresser.  It turns out the wood veneer was pretty thin and after sanding, the underlying particle board was exposed in places.  Last Friday, we agreed it wasn’t worth refinishing the nightstand since it was a bit bulky and wouldn’t really fit in our nursery anyhow.

On Monday, I unscrewed the hardware from the drawers so we could sand down the drawer fronts.  I wasn’t thrilled with what I found.  There was a lot of damage to the drawer fronts that was going to require a lot of wood filler and additional sanding.  Not to mention old spiderwebs I found inside the old hardware and a knot in the wood on one drawer front that was cracking.  At that point, Shane and I decided we’d be better off scrapping the project and purchasing a dresser instead.

Since we had a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us and a $20 gift card, we went out on Thursday evening to pick up the Manchester Dresser in Dark Cherry, which belongs to the same collection as our already purchased crib and gifted changing table.  We ended up getting the dresser for about $215 total.  It wasn’t in the budget, but it didn’t completely break the bank either.  Plus it saved us from a refinishing project that was beginning to overwhelm us anyhow, with only about 9 weeks to go (at that point).

Today, with the help of Shane’s mom, we managed to get the rest of the nursery furniture assembled.  The dresser was a bit more complicated to assemble than we initially thought – mostly because of the awkward location of the bolts when trying to tighten.

Assembling the dresser

The finished product

Lily checking out the new dresser

Baby Hanley's Crib

Our crib full of Baby Shower loot to give us some workspace

Our matching changing table

Enjoying the new furniture

Currently, we are debating the final placement of the dresser in the room.  In the photo above we have it on an angle in the corner.  I really like the way it feels in the room at an angle, but it does waste some space behind it.  The only piece of furniture we still need for the room is a chair and we’re not quite sure yet where the chair will go, which will in turn affect the dresser placement.  The good news for Shane (who will be stuck moving the dresser) is that it’s not full yet.  Before I start organizing things in there, I still want to line the drawers with something fun.  I plan on researching drawer lining options tomorrow.

It’s so much fun now that the room is starting to come together! With the furniture in there, it’s starting to look a lot more like a nursery than a couple weeks ago when I was still painting the trim and it looked like this:

Can you spot Lily?

Other than finding a chair, all that’s left should be decorative touches for the room.  The following is what I believe we have left to do in the nursery to be ready for Baby Hanley:

  • Find a chair
  • Line dresser drawers
  • Frame and hang artwork
  • Customize a neutral lampshade
  • Load the dresser with baby clothes
  • Stock the changing table with supplies
  • Make a flag banner with leftover fabric
  • Make up the crib with bedding

That alone should keep us busy prepping for Baby H over the next 8 weeks or so.  I’ll be back with updates as we go!


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