Spam Musubi

My hula ‘ohana hosted a potluck party on Saturday for our teacher’s classmates. First of all, I really hate potlucks, mostly because I never know what to make or bring. I’m usually intimidated and don’t think my home-cooking skills are up to par with everyone else. Needless to say, I was sweating over what to bring for this particular potluck when Shane suggested we bring Spam Musubi.

Since this crowd already has an appreciation for Hawai’i and its culture, I figured the Musubi would go over well, even if I’d never tried it before myself. The bonus was that I could get Shane to make the dish instead of me!

Earlier in the week while exchanging potluck related emails, I googled Spam Musubi to make sure I spelled it correctly when I announced what we would be bringing. I came across this website with a great tutorial on making Spam Musubi.

I mentioned my Google findings to Shane, who mocked me for reading a tutorial on Spam Musubi. Either way, he agreed to modify his recipe by frying the spam in the soy sauce-sugar mixture mentioned on the website.

On Saturday, we set up an assembly line with Shane frying the spam and me assembling the Nori, rice, furikake and spam into the actual Musubi.

(Please ignore my hideous painting clothes – I was working on the nursery earlier that day).



Once complete, Shane enjoyed his fair share of Spam Musubi.


Happily, the Spam Musubi was a hit at the party. No lie – some even declared it the best Musubi they’d had. Shane decided to quit mocking my Googled Musubi tutorial and deferred to me as Musubi Queen. I have to credit him with the original idea to bring the dish to the party in the first place though. Yum!


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