Happy Anniversary Hanley Home!

Today marks one year since Shane and I signed our life away, wrote a check and became first-time homeowners! It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year already.  Reading my first post on this blog, took me back to how nervous I was before our closing date.  Now, it doesn’t seem like it was that big of a deal.  Granted, our leaky roof problems resurfaced six months later, but thank God we have not had any other major problems with our house!

It’s been fun to see how we’ve gradually made our mark on our house with our own style and personality.  Initially, I made a big to-do list and wanted to get everything just-so immediately.  It didn’t take long to realize I didn’t quite have the time, talent, energy or money for that type of instant gratification.  Besides, after living in our house for a year, a lot of our initial ideas and to-do items have changed.  For example, we’re still toying with what type of storage we want to add along the wall in our family room.  When we first moved in, we really liked the idea of floor to ceiling bookshelves across the entire wall.  What can I say, we both read quite a bit and have tons of books between the two of us.  For the last few months, we’ve been thinking about some type of cabinet storage along the bottom of the wall with space to mount Shane’s guitars and some artwork above.  Not that any of that storage creation is going to happen anytime soon.

I’ve also noticed how you can really get your momentum going on projects around the house and then you’ll go for weeks (or months) without really doing anything – life just gets busy.  Since we’ve been focused on finishing the nursery (more about that in a couple days, promise), I’ve noticed my motivation to tackle other projects around the house has increased.  (I’m thinking along the lines of an improved front entry area and adding some curb appeal out front).  We’ll see if that motivation actually turns into completed projects – I am going to have a baby in May, after all.

I have to say, I certainly don’t regret our home purchase a year ago.  I firmly believe it was a great decision and a great buy for us.  Sure, our neighborhood has its issues – it’s not always the cleanest or prettiest area to walk around – and we’ve had our fair share of unplanned expenses with this home.  However, I think we’re doing pretty good in the Hanley Home.  We are gaining equity, slowly but surely, and while our property value didn’t increase over the past year, it didn’t decline at all either.

Portia and Lily have adapted and are very comfortable in the house.  They each have their preferred napping spots depending on the time of day, of course, and their favorite windows to watch.  I think we’re all looking forward to welcoming our littlest addition to our home come May and all of the happy years that will follow here!


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