Happy Third Trimester!

Today marks 28 weeks of pregnancy and the start of the third trimester for Baby H! I’m so excited that we’re beginning the final countdown! (I apologize if you now end up with that song stuck in your head).  Everything is starting to feel a little more real.  This past weekend, Shane and I attended a childbirth class at our hospital and took a tour of the maternity ward.  I can’t believe we’re at the point to really start preparing for labor and delivery, not to mention that happy day when we meet Baby H!  I have to say, instead of frightening me, our childbirth class actually has me really excited for labor and delivery since it’s the final step to meet our baby.

Baby gifts have also started to trickle in, which makes things seem a lot more real as well.  If you’ve sent a gift and you’re reading this, please know it was received with joy and I really have to write my thank you notes soon!  It’s fun seeing things we picked out at the store arrive at the house.  We’ve been letting Portia and Lily sniff things to get a feel for the new stuff in store when Baby H arrives.

Shane and I even did some baby shopping of our own over Presidents Day.  We got a fantastic deal on our crib – in fact, it was really a steal! Since we refinanced our car loan and had a little extra money in the budget this month, we were thinking about going ahead and purchasing the crib when a friend of ours gave us a soon-to-expire coupon from Babies R Us.  The 25% off coupon combined with a Presidents Day sale price online, which they honored in the store, got us our crib for just $150 (originally priced at $229)!!!  You know this Ikea commercial?  This is exactly how Shane and I felt leaving BRU!

In addition to our crib purchase steal, we picked up some baby clothes for the first week or so.  Since we don’t know baby’s gender, we chose a handful of unisex clothing that should keep Baby H comfy in his/her first week.  Holy cow are baby clothes cute!  I’m really in trouble if Baby H is a girl – there goes any extra money we have on hand!

As for the nursery, we’re getting there.  We were busy with childbirth class over the weekend, but managed to purchase supplies for our next step: repairing the shower plumbing access, which is in the nursery.  Tomorrow evening I also plan on starting to paint the trim in Baby’s room.  We’re leaving the neutral wall color as is – I think our apples & pears theme will really pop on the neutral background.  The trim on the other hand, really needs a fresh coat of paint.  (When the previous owners painted, they did a really shoddy job, particularly on the trim, with just one coat of paint and a messy hand.  There’s drips everywhere and wall paint on the edges of the door and closet moldings).  My plan is to eventually repaint all the trim in the house, but I’m going to start in the nursery since it’s currently empty.  I picked up a gallon of Olympic No-VOC semigloss paint in white, which is the same thing my DIY/blogger inspirations. John and Sherry, use over on Young House Love.

Shane also used some Home Depot gift cards to get a power sander so he can get to work on refinishing the dresser and nightstand.  The clock is ticking and we gotta get to work so Baby H’s room is ready! We have just about 12 weeks to go!

For those of you far away, here’s a new bump photo for you.  This is last week’s, as we haven’t taken our 28 week picture yet.  Enjoy!


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