100 Days to Go!

Today marks 100 days until Baby H’s expected due date on May 23. Holy cow! Time is really starting to fly. My head has been spinning the past couple weeks in our search for daycare, researching labor and delivery options and signing up for birthing classes. Never mind getting started on our nursery!

I am happy to report that progress has not stalled since the installation of the shades in Baby’s room. Since Baby’s room has been our catch-all for all random things that don’t really have a place since we moved in March, we had some cleaning out to do.

Earlier in the week, Shane cleaned under the bed and the last drawer of Baby’s dresser that still had things in it. We put some stuff in the attic and waited until yesterday to tackle the rest. First, we disassembled the full size bed so Salvation Army can come pick it up on Saturday. With that out of the way, we were able to vacuum up all the cat hair that had collected underneath. Yuck!

Then came the task of organizing and finding a new home for Shane’s multiple guitars and music equipment. (For those of you that don’t know, Shane is quite the musician. Check out his website here). We spent the remainder of the afternoon getting his equipment set up in a corner of the family room downstairs. It looks a lot better to this neat freak, but will be a bit more complete once we pick up a couple storage containers.

Back upstairs, the nursery is now a blank canvas for us to start transforming. Lily seems to think we cleared out the room for her sake and has claimed it as her own. She’s in for some disappointment there.

Side note: I downloaded the Baby Sounds for Pets album on iTunes on Saturday to prep Portia and Lily. I’ve only played the crying and laughter tracks so far. The crying prompted a very concerned response from both cats, which was reassuring. The baby laughter just seemed to make them uneasy. At least we have approximately 100 days to prepare Portia and Lily to meet Baby.

I apologize for a lack of pictures, but we were on a time crunch yesterday afternoon.

Next on the nursery agenda: finish gathering items for donation before Salvation Army arrives on Saturday and improve the plumbing access on the shared wall with the bathroom. Then it will be on to more decorative doings!


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