Up Against the Wall

This past Sunday Shane and I were pretty productive in tackling some longstanding to-dos around the Hanley home.  Of course, some were longer standing than others.  We started by purchasing some Allen + Roth cordless shades at Lowes for the nursery.  We were excited to finally tackle one of our nursery to-do items and got the drill out and began marking holes as soon as we got home.  Of course, as soon as we began to drill our carefully marked holes in the window frame, we realized something was wrong.  Apparently our window frames are not wood – they’re painted metal.  Just the actual sill is wood.  Needless to say, the wood screws included with the shade hardware were doing us no good; in fact, they were causing a lot of frustration! There’s nothing like feeling motivated to start work on a project and then have all that momentum just go out the window (pun intended)!

Since we had a few other projects to tackle with the drill, and didn’t feel like heading back out to the store, we just let that one sit.  On Monday, Shane went back to Lowes and picked up appropriate sheet metal screws and then spent all of 10 minutes getting Baby’s shades hung.  Excuse the iPhone photos.

It’s not much, but they’re sooooo much better than our 6/$1.99 or whatever they were, temporary paper shades! I’m still debating adding any type of fabric valence or not.  I guess we’ll see how the room comes together.

After our Sunday afternoon shade-hanging fail, we moved on to our room.  For our first wedding anniversary, we returned to Hawaii where we purchased a beautiful cherry blossom painting from the artist herself.  We nearly got engaged during the cherry blossom festival here in Washington, DC (but that’s another story).  We also chose cherry blossoms as our theme for our wedding and included them on all of our wedding stationary.  So, discovering this beautiful painting on our actual first anniversary just seemed like a sign! Unfortunately, the painting spent the entire second year of our marriage in the tube in which we brought it home.  As a gift to ourselves for our second anniversary in December, we decided to get it framed to hang in our new bedroom.

We brought it to Michael’s and by mid-January, it was finished.  Let me tell you, I’ve never had anything custom framed before, but holy cow was it expensive – even with the 60% off coupon! However, it is a gift that I think we will both treasure for a long time.

While hanging the painting, I realized why we have not hung anything in nearly 11 months of living in this house.  The measuring, and leveling is just so exacting and specific it makes my head hurt! Luckily, Shane did a really nice job with it all.  I really couldn’t reach very well.  Without further ado…

We hung it over Shane’s dresser, since the only other thing we’ve hung on any of the walls in our house is the mirror above my dresser.  I really like that I can see the reflection of the painting from the other side of the room.

We bought the painting directly from the artist, Lilian Storino, in Hilo.  She translated the title of the painting, “Cherry Blossom Beauty,” for us along with the other characters that mean “blossom in the snow” and “lead the flowers coming to spring.”  Yep, I definitely think this is my favorite anniversary gift so far.

While we had the drill out, we tackled a couple other things around the house.  I don’t know if you remember my stair closet organization project, but we finally mounted our bag dispenser on the wall.  I was seriously getting tired of tripping over it every time I went to get something out of the closet.


We also put the hammer to work over the breakfast bar where we hung our Sig Zane potholders.  For those of you not in the know, Sig Zane is a designer based in Hilo, Hawaii.  He takes images from around Hawaii and creates modern, graphic prints that are not your grandfather’s aloha shirts! The potholders we have depict the Lehua blossom from the Ohia tree.  We’ve had these for a little while sitting on the counter, just waiting to be hung.

Just a little touch, but I guess they make things feel a little more like a home.

Anyways, I’m hoping to have some more progress on projects around here in the next week or so.  Right now we’re focusing on clearing out and donating the extra furniture in the nursery to make some room!


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