Oh Baby, Baby!

I am happy to say that the pregnancy has been progressing normally and Baby H is healthy and growing.  We’re about 23 1/2 weeks along, so just over 16 weeks to go! Time is really flying – I can’t believe that there’s less time to go until we get to meet our baby than has already passed.  Shane and I have opted for the ultimate surprise and will not know Baby H’s gender until his/her birth.  Despite being a Type-A, super-organized planner, I’ve always wanted to wait.  I understand now, however, why people want to find out.  Finding non-gender-specific items at Babies R Us is next to impossible! Oh well, a small sacrifice for that moment when Shane gets to proudly announce, “It’s a —!”

We’ve been taking bump photos weekly since 10 weeks, but before now, we haven’t shared them with anybody. Below is last week’s photo – we’re running a bit behind and still need to take this week’s pic.  So far, this is the only one I’ve edited, so I could post it on the blog.

It’s amazing when I can see my own growth, but so many people I see at work and whatnot had a hard time believing I was pregnant up until a couple weeks ago.  I plan on editing the pictures into some type of project – at this point, I’m not sure what.  Any neat ideas or suggestions?

With all that said, the time has finally come to work on getting the nursery together for Baby H! I’ve had ideas bumping around my brain for months, but now I finally get to put those ideas into action.  I was jumping around between a very clean-lined modern nursery and a more traditional nursery.  That debate was solved by the crib we picked out at Babies R Us, which is a more traditional style.  I’ve had a theme in mind – Apples & Pears – based on a fabric designed by Alexander Henry I found at JoAnn Fabrics.  My mom purchased the fabric and some complementary contrasting fabrics to sew my nursery set.  She brought the finished quilt, crib skirt, pillow and organizer along with some custom artwork she made using the fabric with her when she visited at Christmas.  I’m in love!

To better share my nursery inspiration with you all, I created the following mood board:

1. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” mobile found on Etsy here.  While the one for sale is entirely made by hand, it’s still $90.  I’m thinking of creating my own at least with apples and pears, and maybe a caterpillar too.  It’s just so whimsical and fun, not to mention based on a great children’s book!

2. The crib quilt my mom made for Baby H.  In addition to the Alexander Henry fabric, she used a marbled brown and a yellow with little white butterflies on it.  I can’t wait to share the whole nursery set with you all – it’s adorable!

3. Artwork available here on Etsy that I discovered via Pinterest.  Not only is it a pear, but it includes one of my favorite Bible verses, Jeremiah 29:11.

4. Shane’s original baby dresser.  We also have a matching nightstand that we’re going to incorporate into the nursery.  It’s taken a beating over the last 26 years, so the plan is to sand both down and refinish them in a stain that matches the crib and replace the old, tarnished hardware.

5. I love the flag banner in this nursery I found via Pinterest.  (You might also recognize the artwork in the nursery, too).  I have a lot of leftover fabric from my mom’s project I’m hoping to incorporate into a banner of my own.  I also love the custom bookshelves, but I’m not sure we’ll have space for something similar.

6. Last, but not least, since it set the tone for our nursery, is the crib we chose.  It’s Carter’s Manchester Lifetime Crib in Dark Cherry.

We have quite the to-do list to get things into shape for Baby H – especially if time keeps flying like it is! In no particular order, our Nursery To-Do List:

  • Donate bed and extra nightstand
  • Purchase and hang shades
  • Refinish dresser and nightstand
  • Find a thrift-store chair and refinish if necessary
  • Assemble crib and changing table
  • Find and purchase rug, lamp, hamper and baskets for organization
  • Repair plumbing access on wall shared with bathroom

That’s all I can think of at the moment, anyhow.  We plan on getting started with the shades tomorrow.  I’ll update you all as things get moving around here. The next few months should be exciting as it all starts to come together!


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