Longing for a Good Old-Fashioned Snow Day

Yep…I’m longing for one of those snow days where you sleep in late, lounge around in your pajamas most of the day drinking hot chocolate and playing board games while you watch big, fat snowflakes float down to the ground.  Then, you bundle up and head outside to make snowmen and snow angels and have a snowball fight, or maybe go sledding.  Then after your toes are numb from the cold, you come inside and strip of all your wet outerwear to sit down to a hearty home-cooked meal and eat popcorn and watch movies.  Do those days only exist in my childhood memories?

As an adult, especially as a homeowner, I don’t find snow quite that exciting any longer.  Take this morning for example with a wet, wintry mix that fell overnight.  Everything looked beautiful, covered with snow and untouched at 7am on a Saturday morning.  Did I curl up in my Papasan chair still in my pj’s with a cup of tea and the paper? Nope.  Instead, I had to layer on my sweats and coat and head out into the freezing rain to clean off the car before it all iced over.   Then I had the thrill of a nail-biting drive to drop Shane off at work, all the while hoping I could make it up the icy incline of our driveway when I safely returned home.

I’m at least thankful that I didn’t really have to shovel the driveway or the sidewalk.  I did realize, however, that in addition to the snow shovel we purchased several weeks back (in order to have one before a big snowstorm is forecast and there’s a run on shovels), we really could use some salt for our front steps and walkway.  Boy was it slick outside today!  I am kind of dreading our first big snow at our house now that there’s a driveway and sidewalk to shovel.  Back when we still lived in our apartment, I loved getting snow, even during DC’s Snowmageddon of 2010 when we got a couple feet.  Didn’t bother me, because I didn’t have to shovel.  Shane and I had a second honeymoon that week when the government closed operations.  That was the closest I’ve come as an adult to my perfect snow day fantasy.

About two weeks ago, I seized the moment for a cozy, snowy evening at home.  Instead of heading out onto the slick streets after work to make it to my water aerobics class (laugh all you want, great exercise – especially for this pregnant lady), I opted to cuddle on the couch with Shane and my kitties.  After snapping a couple pictures of our house with our first official snow, of course.  Maybe it wasn’t the perfect snow day scenario, but it was a perfect evening.

So Cozy!


2 thoughts on “Longing for a Good Old-Fashioned Snow Day

  1. Hah – we had a snow day like you described just yesterday! We had 7 inches of snow. Big, fluffy flakes, a nice roaring fire and two wonderful movies! Ww had popcorn on Druday night with our hangovers, but we did have hor tea and cookies. Lifedoes not get any better. Yes, we did have to shovel before dinner and again this morning, but it looks spectacular. I will post pics tomorrow.

    • Obviously, the word choose put in it’s own. No we did not have hangovers, we had hamburgers on Friday night. We also had hot tea on Saturday afternoon.

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