All the Stockings Were Hung…

on the banister with care.

I completed the Hanley family stockings last night! Woo hoo! We don’t have a fireplace mantle on which to hang our stockings, so the next best place is on our banister near the front door.  That way, St. Nick will see them first thing when he enters our house Christmas Eve.

I used a Simplicity pattern I picked up at Jo-Ann’s along with six different fabrics that Shane helped pick out.  The two red fabrics came from the quilting section while the other four were from this years holiday fabric selection.  (Side note:The green fabric with the candy was also featured on Cam’s holiday shirt in the Christmas episode of ModernFamily this season).  I went ahead and made four stockings, because I doubt I would be able to find coordinating fabric in the future as we add to our family.  There’s a stocking for Shane, for me, for Baby H and a future baby we may have.  This year two of the stockings will be used for my mom and dad while they’re here visiting for Christmas.

The pattern caused a few hiccups along the way that definitely slowed my progress on the stockings.  First, there was an error in the layout of how to cut the pattern pieces resulting in backwards pieces for the lining of the stockings.  I ended up running to Hancock Fabrics up the street, which of course doesn’t carry the same fabric as Jo-Ann’s, and just purchased a plain white cotton to replace the backwards lining.  Luckily, I purchased more fabric than I thought I needed because I had to use it for the cuffs as well.  All in all, I think they turned out better for it, with half the lining inside white.

The hardest part for me was picking and choosing which fabrics to use on which part of the stockings.  It probably took me far longer than necessary to cut out the fabric as I was fooling around with the placement of all the pieces. In the future, I would like to embroider our names or monograms on the stockings to identify to whom each stocking belongs. At least names aren’t totally essential since each stocking is different because I don’t know how far in the future the embroidery will take place.

Here’s a neat shot of the back of the stockings:

Can’t wait to see them Christmas morning filled with goodies from Santa!


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