Oops! No stockings yet!

The plan was to finish the Hanley Family Christmas Stockings on Sunday afternoon. The reality is, I was running around like a crazy woman trying to do nineteen things at once. I didn’t finish the stockings – but I did make some progress. They are nearly complete and fingers crossed will be finished tonight. When I get home from work tonight I fully intend to cozy up with my Singer sewing machine.

So how did I spend my Sunday afternoon? Well, I arbitrarily decided to make not just one, but two kinds of fudge. I was also doing laundry and helping Shane clean the bathroom and unclog our tub drain, wrapping gifts and packing boxes to be mailed and attempting to complete the stockings. All this between church and a family party that evening. Whew!

To make things worse, I’ve had some serious spring cleaning standards take over my brain that go above and beyond my normal “holy cow company is coming” cleaning standards. My Aunty blames the nesting instinct and I’m starting to agree with her. Luckily, Shane is riding out my current level of crazy like a pro. I might as well seize the day while I have my second trimester energy and get done what I can. I expect the crazy cleaning/organizing instinct to continue into the new year. We plan on tackling the nursery in January (mood board of our theme and ideas coming soon). Some examples of the obsessive cleaning from the weekend include me replacing our shower curtain liner, washing our fabric shower curtain and scrubbing the rust off the curtain rings. At least I have a super clean and bright shower and bathtub! Now if only we could solve the slow drain issue….

Any one experiencing obsessive cleaning tendencies before company arrives this weekend? What are the last minute things you need to get done before Santa’s arrival Saturday night?


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