Crazy, Busy November

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted.  November has been a crazy, busy month and I can’t believe it’s nearly over already!  I had the opportunity to visit with a good friend of mine at the beginning of the month.  She lives in Texas and spent just a couple days in DC.  I was able to spend the day checking out the Spy Museum with her and her boyfriend followed by dinner with several more of our best friends.  Good times!  Then Shane and I headed out of town to chaperone our church’s high school youth to a gathering in Cary, North Carolina.  It was so beautiful down there, great weather and all!  I wish we hadn’t been so busy with youth activities that we had a chance to explore more of the area.  We’ll have to head back down there again sometime.

Mid-month we were able to announce and share our pregnancy with all our family, friends and coworkers.  That’s right, Shane and I are expecting kiddo #1 due in May!  I’ll be back with plenty more on that in a future post with nursery ideas, etc.  While absolutely thrilling, it just added to our level of busyness this month.

We spent Thanksgiving at the home of a friend from church.  It was quite the gathering – 23 people in all!  We had a fantastic time playing charades, Infinitum and of course eating! The best part was, we didn’t have to cook it all! The last two years we’ve prepared all the traditional dishes for just the two of us, a lot of work, pretty rewarding, but I was happy to sit back and relax this year.  I did bring my favorite dish – cranberry-orange sauce.  I’m very particular about homemade cranberry sauce.  None of that wiggly, jiggly canned stuff for me!  I’m happy to say it only took me about 30 minutes to make the sauce after lounging in my pajamas watching the parade all morning.  A great Thanksgiving with plenty to be thankful for this year!

In the middle of all the craziness this month, we did manage to acquire a new piece of furniture! Hooray! We found the Madera Stacking Cabinet by chance at World Market the last weekend of October.  It was the perfect piece to sit under our front window and house our office supplies, printer and laptops while they charge.  What was even better – I had a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase and an additional 25% off furniture, thanks to my World Explorers Membership! Unfortunately, they had sold the last cabinet the day before! We were able to get a rain check for the item and the 25% off coupon was good through 11/23.  Sadly, the 10% off coupon expired the next day, so we wouldn’t be able to use that.  They called us about 10 days later with the cabinet in stock and Shane picked it up.  It then sat, unassembled in the box on the floor in front of the window for another 10 days.

Here’s the before picture of our front window/reading corner area:

I finally got around to putting our Madera cabinet together last weekend.  Let me tell you, it’s all I hoped for, and more!  I’m just so happy to not have to look at our junk hanging out on the floor! It really adds some polish to our front room now that everything has a place.  The cats also love being able to sit on it and look out the front window.

The after:

Much better!  I’m not totally finished with that area of the room, however.  As you can see, I still have not recovered the ottoman cushion, talked about here.  I didn’t really bother accessorizing the top of the cabinet since I knew I would be getting out my Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.  We also plan on covering the glass on the sliding doors of the cabinet so we don’t have to look at our junk inside – even though it now resides in the cabinet, it’s still not pretty!

Currently, the Papasan chair has been moved to the family room to make space for our Christmas tree.  Figures, we finally find furniture for under the window right before I need a place to put our Christmas tree!  It works for now, at least.  I’ll post some Christmas decoration pictures soon – I’m almost done figuring out where I want to put everything!

Anybody else with a crazy, busy November?  I’m excited to have somewhat of a break in December and enjoy my favorite of all holiday seasons!  Who else is particular about their favorite Thanksgiving dish?  Does anybody else wait over a week before assembling new furniture or is it just us?


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