Random Act of Kindness

We had the most pleasant surprise last night! We were out of town all weekend and the leaf clean up in our yard has been lagging. Since the time change, it’s dark by the time we get home from work, so no chance of raking then.

Our front yard isn’t too bad since there’s no trees there. It’s really our driveway that’s been getting most of the fallen leaves. As we were heading out yesterday, I mentioned to Shane that we really needed to clean up the leaves in our driveway. When we returned home last night after dark, we discovered that someone, probably our neighbor, had cleaned up all the leaves in our driveway!

I wish I knew for sure who had done it for us so I could wholeheartedly thank that person. It really was such a happy surprise that made our evening! It really makes me want to perform a random act of kindness for somebody today.


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